NITI Aayog Proposes Sale of Only Electric Two, Three Wheeler


NITI Aayog has now proposed that in the coming six to eight years, India entire two-wheeler industry should now go full electric. The proposal is also aimed to curb pollution and reduce Indian dependency on fossil fuels.

A report also suggests that their sources claim draft proposal from the Niti Aayog has also recommended to electrifying the country popular three-wheeled autorickshaws. The proposal has not been made public as yet and still needs the green light from the government.

India as of now is the largest two-wheeler market across the globe, with around more than 20 million bikes and scooters sold in the last financial year when compared to some other 3.3 Million cars and UV’s.

Moreover, China is the world largest two-wheeler Electric Vehicle market as a significant proportion of sales which is as of now contributed by the electric 2-wheelers when in India they only accounted for a small fraction of sales. Moreover, the demand for them has grown as sales amounted to be much more than the double from the previous year with the 126000 units of electric scooters sold as compared to the 54800 units from the previous fiscal.

Modi government has also set an ambitious target in the year 2017 to electrify all the new cars and utility vehicles by the end of 2030 but the resistance from the auto industry also forced it to scale back the plan. The government also expects the electric vehicles to make up to around 15% of all new sales in the five years from less than 1% currently.


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