Nitstone Finserv to Raise Rs 150 crores for Growth


Non-Banking Finance company which is based out of Bangalore, Nitstone Finserv is all set to raise the fresh funding round of INR 150 crore from new investors. Nitstone Finserv is as of now in discussions with the investment bankers and some other Venture Capitalist to raise around INR 150 crore to finance the next phase of their growth. The NBFC which was launched in the year 2018 and has already been notched up a significant portfolio of consumer loans.

Nitstone has also acquired the best in class technology which even includes the AI-powered credit decision-making tools that are used by the industry. The customer acquisition strategy is physical and digital, with the help of a network of partners and salesforce, and the business model is also uniquely characterized by a data-powered segmentation strategy, effective and efficient operation workflows and a robust governance mechanism.

Nitstone’s Executive Vice President, Govindan Eaden said, “We are confident of securing equity and debt funding in the near term to launch the next phase of growth including recruitment of data scientists, a mobile sales force and best of breed lending technology.”

Nitstone Finserv was also established in the year 2018 to cater to the aspirational needs of the common man by offering all the type of consumer loans and personal loans. Nitstone vision is to drive and broaden up the financial inclusion for the underserved population by providing a safe and positive borrowing experience.

Nitstone is also having its specialization in lending personal loans and new to credit loans and will soon also going to cater to the small and medium businesses by offering business loans.

Nitstone FInserv Private Limited is a technological equipped NBFC which is as of now taking a radical approach to financing and lending. From unprecedented products and tools to faster service.


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