No- sim blockchain numbers soon are allowed now on Telegram

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No- sim blockchain numbers soon are allowed now on Telegram 1

Telegram, one of the most prominently used instant messaging platforms, has constantly been keen on launching security features. Telegram has introduced that it will permit anonymous blockchain numbers on the platform for all digital mediums. This blockchain number will be unspecified and can be utilized for users with no sim cards in their smartphone devices.


As per the introduction made by the company, Telegram, the sale of these blockchain-based numbers on its blockchain platform Fragment at $16 each; Telegram is a global messaging platform with more than 700 million users over the globe. The platform has urged its users to make the utilization of these blockchain-based numbers instead of cell phone numbers as this feature will help the users maintain the privacy.

What is all about the latest feature of number privacy in Telegram?

Telegram is also conscious about the privacy of its users. So it has been hiding the numbers of users from other applications installed on the user’s device. By using these unknown and blockchain-based numbers, the user will be able to hide their information from everyone, which can be seen as a privacy-focused parameter in the user’s device.

Over the Crypto communities, Telegram has been gaining popularity. The launch was made on December 6 this year. As per the recent update, the blockchain-based numbers in no SIM devices has been introduced by Telegram in its 9.2 updates. Apart from this feature, Telegram also introduced an auto-delete timer for all the messages in the application.

Users who are more aspirant regarding using these blockchain-based unknown numbers will be required to purchase these numbers from the Decentralized auction platform fragrant, which was recently launched by Telegram. The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, released all the relevant information on his Telegram channel.

As per the recent mention, these unknown numbers will be only compatible with the telegram platform, and purchasing these numbers will be carried out at the fragrant platform based on The Open Network (TON) is telegrams officiated token. However, all global users can have access to this new feature of unknown numbers of users of Telegram.

After making the purchase of these blockchain-based unknown numbers, the users can sign up for Telegram by receiving a verification code at this blockchain-based number at Telegram. The purchasing of any random number on the fragrance platform for 9 tons which is equivalent to 16$ approximately, can be done by the user. Over the auction, the users can also sell these numbers.

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