Now, use WhatsApp on four devices at once

Now, use WhatsApp on four devices at once 1

WhatsApp has granted permission to its users to sign in to their accounts from a secondary phone. The situation is similar to using the same account on a PC or tablet. This latest feature of Whatsapp will be coming all over the globe over the coming weeks. For a long, the users of WhatsApp have been requesting the company to invent the ability to utilize the same account from multiple devices. While it has been possible to make use of the popular messaging app, Whatsapp through a Web browser or apps for PC. This feature is one of the most primary features which is able to link multiple smartphones.

With the help of this feature, users will now have the ability to seamlessly continue message threads and access all their photos and other media from multiple devices without compromising the security or privacy of data.

It has been announced that up to four additional smartphones can be linked to the user’s WhatsApp account at the same time, and only the primary phone can be used to authorize other devices. The process is similar to the authorizing WhatsApp Web by the help of which users will have to scan a QR code. The company is also working on an OTP-based authentication system as an alternative system.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has marked his words by saying about the feature on the official broadcast channel. The situation can also be continued at the time when the phone battery is about to die. As per the imagination of the company, this feature has the ability to sign in from a friend’s or companion’s devices. The feature can be handy and comfortable for small business owners for the authorization of employees to answer official business communications that support responsive customer support.

As per the shared knowledge by the company, the primary phone on which an account is signed in is dormant for a while, whereas all companion devices will automatically be signed out. Currently, the window timeline is around 14 days for WhatsApp Web. As always, the conversations are end-to-end encryption. The connections to WhatsApp servers are independent so that the users can still get to their important information and conversations if they lose access to the primary device.

How to make use of a WhatsApp account on a secondary device

Opening WhatsApp on the secondary device.

Open WhatsApp on your primary phone, and find the ‘Linked devices’ section in Settings.

Tap ‘Link a device

After accomplishing all the identity if any ID check is set up, the primary phone’s camera will be activated. By this, the users can capture the QR code that is displayed on the secondary device.

The QR code consists of unique identifying information that allows WhatsApp to make the verification of both devices that are belonging to you and that you initiated the pairing, without making you type in long, convoluted passcodes.

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