nTalents.ai takes away The Bias In Hiring Process

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nTalents.ai takes away The Bias In Hiring Process 1

nTalents.ai, a Bengaluru-based startup initiated to form automated interviews for corporate sales team recruitment a reality, with their ease-providing facility to work with online interview platform. Incubated at IIM-Bangalore, the startup uses AI and other deep learning capabilities to implement hiring easy for their numerous corporate clients.


Founded by Deepika Anu, Mayank Sharma and Varun Narula who were earlier heading on as data scientists and were also hooked in the hiring process, the three achieved first-hand knowledge about the hardships that corporates face while hiring. “Three of us have spent more than 10 years in the industry, all of us back then were involved in interviewing new recruits for our teams. The process became very repetitive and inaccurate in the long run. We brainstormed on how we can build something that can be much more accurate and comprehensive,” claims Deepika Anu, Marketing Head of nTalents.ai.

During their attempt to crack standardized exams like TOEFL and IELTS, the idea of automated tools for the interview process popped out. Having used these exam’s comprehensive audio-interactive test to quantify English Communication, the founders bent to an idea to replicate the model for identifying few skill-sets in technical professions, previous of the functioning of the personal interviews, thus lending a hand to the recruiters to identify the appropriate talent. “An estimated 80% of the interview time is being spent on ineligible profiles and it takes another level of expertise to find few good candidates among all that noise.

Through nTalent’s audio-visual simulated test of the candidate, the platform generates a detailed skill set report even before the candidate has even had the first interaction,” exclaims Anu. The platform extensively benefits artificial intelligence to identify the right skill sets to look after real-time updates.

While Python, SQL, JavaScript and HTML have been used as the programming language, the platform depends on WebRTC for real-time communication and MySQL as its database. Furthermore, it depends on Ubuntu-Bionic Beaver for the application server and its GPU processing server is on AWS-Cloud Nvidia GPU.

Leading ahead, it summons the best practices of interviewing and behavioral assessments into one integrated mechanism utilizing their robust machine learning algorithms and video interview data. “The questions we ask are very specific to the exact job role that the candidate has applied for and captures the real skills of performing that task beyond what is written on the resume,” states Anu.

AI mentions to be used at the core of the platform to analyse data that is produced as an outcome from the platform’s audio-visual performance tasks, situational judgment test, role plays, case studies, and game-based simulations. That results in the ease to recruitment process as the algorithms eliminate candidates that are not perfectly suited for the position and through comprehensive insights, a handful of candidates with the highest potential are identified.

As of now, the platform has conducted more than 25,000 assessments and to mention how different they are from their competitors, Anu marks “We have become an expert at finding a needle from a haystack. Our tests are customized for various job roles in different industries, the score is also bench-marked against a relevant set of candidates.”

“We grew our average ticket size by more than 10 times in the last 2 quarters and raised our MoM Revenue to more than 5 lakhs all with organic marketing,” Anu stated heading towards their growth. In the near future, the startup wishes to revamp the traditional HR processes through their architecture and is hoping to bridge the gap between reliable tool for framing the foundation of next-gen talent management.

Concentrating on its customer experience, the startup is further aiming to stretch out to banking, FMCG and automobile sectors. “We are concentrating on these areas as the growth rate of employee base and attrition in teams is on the rise. We are confident of growing at more than 5 times the present growth rate in the next financial year,” concluded Anu.

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