Nubank Expands AI Capabilities with Hyperplane Acquisition

By Sunil Sonkar
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Nubank Expands AI Capabilities with Hyperplane Acquisition

Brazil’s Nubank has lately acquired data intelligence San Francisco-based startup Hyperplane to bolster AI capabilities and enhance customer experience as well as financial services.


Hyperplane is learned to revolutionize banking and mainly to focus on building personalized solutions by using the first-party data of banks. The approach is aimed to empower banks globally and harness data effectively across risk assessment, collections and marketing.

Hyperplane will integrate advanced data intelligence into the platform of Nubank to boast more than 100 million customers across Latin America. The acquisition highlights commitment of Nubank to stay ahead in the digital banking segment and simultaneously position it with extensive banking data to drive tailored services.

Nubank CEO David Velez emphasized strategic fit and highlighted how the technology Hyperplane will accelerate the mission of Nubank to simplify banking as well as empower customers globally. The move builds on the previous tech-focused acquisitions of Nubank that signals a path towards leveraging AI for superior financial products and personalized financial advice.

The financial detail of the acquisition is yet to be disclosed. Nubank’s data infrastructure and Hyperplane’s expertise are promising and to set new standards in hyper-personalized banking experiences. Nubank will continue to innovate. The acquisition makes its position further prominent as a leader in digital finance. It will sure deliver what is being promised in the customer-centric financial solutions segment across the world.

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