NuBooks launches accounting platform backed by AI for small to mid-sized enterprises

NuBooks launches accounting platform backed by AI for small to mid-sized enterprises 1

Integrated with new-age technologies, NuBooks has launched its one-of-a-kind go-to accounting platform to provide accounting tools to small businesses, freelancers and accountants to handle accounts and improve their financial performance. The platform is backed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and suited for all accounting needs including – reading invoices to making bookkeeping and management of finances easy.

Indian economy is re-writing its history by becoming a global hub for innovation with a startups ecosystem. People are moving on their entrepreneurial journeys and looking for digitally optimised solutions for their everyday business needs. Considering the shift in the economy and market demand, Nubooks endeavours to benefit the growing startup ecosystem with professional invoice creator, client and accountant base management tools, invoice, bill and receipt management tools, automatic and dedicated storage space for client data.

Delighted with the launch, Mr. Oumesh Sauba, Founder of NuBooks said, “AI is a revolutionary technology that has entered into every sector and with NuBooks, accounting is no more an exception. Our cloud-based easy-to-use accounting platform expedites accounts-related tasks and increases efficiency. We expect to acquire prominent clients with days and looking to grow at a rate of 100% month on month basis.”

As an advanced accounting platform, Nubooks optimizes the accounting needs of micro and small businesses and freelance professionals where they simply have to take a picture of invoices/receipts through the app, crop and send it. Nubooks adapts to the needs of the users as its Al solution digitizes the information in record time and converts it to spreadsheets and quick editing.

The platform has a spectacular server capacity that can organize all information of the clients. Besides, its storage system is safe and secure in handling the data of companies. With the highest levels of security and capacity, the users can easily organize a large number of client information. Additionally, NuBooks also provides an app version to streamline all the accounting needs of the users.

The new age accounting app increases accountancy effectiveness and secures customers with easy access from anywhere. It stores the users’ data on the cloud that helps in tracking sales, creating and sending invoices, issuing reports and analysing them to enhance the financial performance of the business. Furthermore, it also enables users to carry out a large number of transactions in a short time.

NuBooks is a bootstrapped startup that is also gearing up for fund-raising and is already in talks with potential investors to scale the business in the coming months. The go-to accounting platform has already entered the Indian market and also plans to expand across global markets in the next few years.

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