NXP India, Startup India Team Up for 4th Tech Startup Challenge

NXP India launches its 4th Tech Startup Challenge 2024 with Startup India, supporting innovative tech startups in India.

By Sunil Sonkar
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NXP India, Startup India Team Up for 4th Tech Startup Challenge

NXP India, a big research place for NXP Semiconductors, is starting the 4th Season of the NXP India Tech Startup Challenge 2024, along with Startup India. This program by NXP is to support new companies in India with great tech ideas. They are looking at startups working on stuff like making computer chips, smart devices and other cool tech solutions.


Working together with Startup India, this is part of the government’s plan to make Indian startups famous worldwide. They want to find startups that are good at things like AI, making cities smarter and health technology. The best three startups will get a big prize of INR 10 lakhs and some smart people from NXP will help them learn more. Other partners like Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) and Electropreneur Park are also helping out.

Hitesh Garg, Vice President & India Managing Director at NXP Semiconductors, is excited about this. He thinks it is a fantastic way to help new ideas in India grow and become famous everywhere. The goal is to help the startups to create new and smart tech products that can make a good difference worldwide.

The Tech Startup Challenge is a special event where startups with cool ideas can demonstrate their abilities. NXP and Startup India want to help them grow and become successful. This challenge is a part of the Indian government plan to make India a major player in technology.

If startups have ideas for new tech things, like AI or smart devices, they can join the challenge. The best startups will win a big prize and get help from experts to make their ideas even better.

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