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One Stop Security Solution for Smart Locks - Lavna 1

Rashmi Jain is the CEO of the renowned company, Lavna Locks. She is responsible for expanding the company, improving profitability and managing overall operations. She has extensive experience in CS. In the company’s initial days, she did a tremendous job of recognizing the most critical customer concerns and taking quick action to address them.

To manage the company and growth of Lavna smart locks, CEO Mrs. Jain also makes sure that the staffing needs are also met.

What insight led to the launch of Lavna? What progress has the business made since its founding?

LAVNA Locks was incepted and established by seasoned professionals who have considerable experience working in the security industry. These individuals are experts in the field of home security. From its meagre beginnings in a single city, the business has grown to encompass a total of 27 locations across the Indian subcontinent. The company was just three people strong initially, but today it has grown to employ more than fifty people. From a single city, we have expanded our service network to more than 27 cities through the ever growing number of our virtual stores.

Tell us about your recent projects with Adani Group, AIIMS, and AIR India. How was your experience?

We have worked with several industry-renowned names and generally receive consignments from them periodically. We gain experience with our clients by observing how well-organised and customer-oriented businesses operate. These projects not only assist us to grow continually, but they also make more room for bigger projects.

In addition to Adani Group, AIIMS, and AIR India, Lavna has worked for clientele such as Omaxe, Supertech, Brigade Group, and others. We provide our services not only to residential societies and houses, but also to hospitals, workplaces, showrooms, and institutes. We have multiple big projects in the pipeline and intend to get more owing to our unique selling proposition, on which we compete with existing brands in the market.

What distinguishes your new L-A24 product from your existing offerings?

Our customers have unequivocally indicated that they prefer LA-24 as the product that most effectively satisfies their requirements. The L-A24 lock is our most popular and premium door lock. It is a wooden door lock with a WiFi capability that is exclusive to the industry, as well as six various ways to access it. It works with doors that are 35 mm thick. The other best product, L-A28, is identical in every way and offers customers additional options because it can be installed on doors with a thickness of minimum 30 millimetres.

Since our customers can add up to 100 fingerprints in our locks, they can use them in a wide variety of settings, including residential and commercial properties. On the other hand, we also provide LH-400, which is an excellent option for hotels and resorts, as well as LA-24, which is currently the most popular choice for application in smaller corporate offices. Both of these options can be found in our product catalogue.

What services does Lavna provide? How do you provide your consumers with value?

Currently, Lavna offers seven different models, each of which can be purchased for anywhere between 3,000 and 14,000 Indian rupees (INR), depending on the specific configuration. The most basic version of smart locks can be opened with a fingerprint in addition to the key, while the most advanced version can also be opened with an RFID card, a PIN, Bluetooth unlocking, and a one-time password. Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular as a convenient alternative to traditional locks. Intelligent locks are useful for both homes and businesses that need them right away.

How is the market for alternative smart locks evolving? What major trends will impact business in 2022–2023?

The market is going through a transformation that will make it possible for businesses to offer customers the highest level of convenience that can be reasonably achieved at this time. The pursuit of novel experiences and the rapid acceleration of technological progress are the primary motivators behind convenience.

Every business is trying to get the newest and most innovative technologies and products on the market as quickly as possible so they can dominate the market and meet their customers’ needs.

What are your plans going forward? Top priorities for 2022-23?

Smart locks technology is the most important part of the market, and we are always working to improve it so that we can add more useful features to our products.

Currently, Lavna locks are sold on both online and offline platforms; however, the company has plans to expand its retail presence more within the coming year. Lavna Locks has set a target for ourselves to establish an ever-increasing number of virtual offices over the course of the next few years. In addition to being sold on Amazon and their own website, our locks are also available on business-to-business marketplaces such as MyCoyMart.

What is the Lavna product innovation roadmap? Are there any upcoming products or developments?

Over the course of the past two and a half years, the research and development teams at LAVNA have paid a lot of attention to the comments and suggestions made by customers to come up with new products that will make customers’ lives easier and more convenient.

As soon as possible, LAVNA intends to launch brand-new products onto the market that are incomparable to anything else currently available. We are working on developing a new lock that will unlock using a facial recognition system 95.9 percent of the time and will come equipped with a video doorbell that is built in. Lavna Locks has set a goal for itself to open an ever-growing number of virtual offices over the next few years.

USP of Lavna Locks and key Features

When compared to our rivals, we stand out from the crowd thanks to the higher level of quality of the supplementary features that we provide at more affordable rates. We have an additional feature of WiFi connection along with a clean and easy UI of the App, in contrast to the restriction that other players have, Bluetooth with lagging UI.

Lavna locks have the following features:

●     Unlock in 6 distinct ways- Bluetooth unlocking via mobile app, Fingerprint sensor, Passcode or PIN, RFID, OTP unlocking, and Manual key

●     In contrast to other locks, which only allow 25–30 people access at once, Lavna allows for the use of up to 100 fingerprints.

●     Access to the specific date and time.

●        If in case the batteries of the lock completely drains, our locks are provided with a Micro USB port which also we are shifting to type C.

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