One Way to Start the Cloud Journey: Unified Communications

One Way to Start the Cloud Journey

There was a time when companies used to have simple and less diversified operations. The need to store information was limited to bunch of files in the shelf. As the time passed, the need increased. Communication in the enterprise was limited to use of landlines installed in offices of seniors. Some “Harold” in the office was appointed just to migrate the data and information between the departments.

The method usually ended up mixing things around and causing confusions. Every business back then had a pale looking skinny guy sitting next to the photocopy machine just to provide and distribute copies all over the building. Offices back then were overwhelmed by the hassle of paperwork.

As the time passed, operations of businesses started to become more and more diverse. This gave birth to the need of IT cloud providers solutions for better management. The use of e-mail and other electronic media overtook the traditional methods. However a significant problem of integration still remained.

The problem arose when an important file, data or any other piece of information was required by large number of users in the business. Let’s elaborate it with an example. An important file is required by multiple users and some random guy in the company “Llyod” is now forced to send email of this file within few minutes to bulk number of users. On the other hand “Carl” is getting annoyed over delays in replies of requests and wished if there was a solution. When a problem like this arises, that’s when the cloud solution like unified communication comes to rescue.One Way to Start the Cloud Journey

What is Unified Communications?

Now here is the question what in the world is unified communications? Unified Communication or UC can be defined as the integration of the business communication services such as data sharing, checking availability of users, messaging, video conferecning and other communication services, UC cannot be deemed as a single product but as a set of products that provide integration of data and communication.

Now the question arises why UC in particular? Why not other cloud services. The answer is simple. UC is not only virtual platform to share data but a complete communication solution. It has capability to integrate usage of emails, phones and other communication and data sharing techniques to a single platform for the whole enterprise, offering flexibility and better communications furthermore acting as start point to the cloud solution.

Why Businesses need UC

Here is another question, why does a business need to switch to the cloud solution like UC? We know that Use of technology has lead to expansion and diversification of needs. External environment is becoming more and more dynamic. As a result businesses need to be more responsive to the changes around them to:

  • Gain or maintain competitive advantages
  • To bring innovation
  • To enhance productivity
  • To reduce the cost.

The use of technology has also lead to expansion and diversification of needs. The concept of hollow, modular and virtual organizations is on the rise. As a result integration of data and proper flow of communication is now becoming an utmost need for the company. Unified Communication is a reliable key to meet this need and a kick start for an enterprise into the cloud journey.

A change in the system is not an easy task to do. Migration of existing data and training of staff surely is a costly and tedious process but UC do have potential to help a company becoming a cost leader or the most innovative enterprise in the industry. The better flow of communication and spread of key knowledge can ultimately result in growth and better management.

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