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Online fantasy game market with immersive gaming experiences - Super4 1

Can you describe Super4’s journey since its inception?


In India, cricket is a religion. I played county cricket in the UK while I was a college student and developed a fondness for the game. Upon my return to India, I combined my love of cricket with my aptitude for entrepreneurship to create Super4, also known as the “India Ka Apna Gaming App,” a popular gaming platform that allows Indian gamers to delve into a wide range of immersive gaming experiences. Super4 is dedicated to establishing a welcoming environment where Indian gamers may feel completely at home. Our platform is intended to highlight the variety and togetherness that characterize India while showcasing the country’s robust gaming culture. Our mission is to give players from all across India a place to interact, compete, and have a great time.

Super4 is designed with the ease of the user in mind. Our intuitive layout makes it simple for users to explore the app, find new games, and play without difficulty. We put our customers’ safety and privacy first, and we’ve put strong security measures in place to make sure they can play safely.

How do you see the growth of fantasy gaming in tier II & tier III cities?

It is really hopeful to see how fantasy gaming is growing in Tier II and Tier III cities. As the proprietor of an app in the fantasy gaming space, I see enormous potential in these areas. The internet and cellphones are becoming more and more accessible to people in these places, providing the basis for playing fantasy games. Furthermore, these regions have a strong passion for sports, particularly cricket, therefore fantasy sports fit right in with their interests.

The popularity of fantasy gaming has grown as a result of smartphones’ accessibility and affordability as well as the expansion of dependable broadband networks. We have seen a sharp increase in user registrations and engagement in tier II and tier III cities. To serve these areas, our goal is to provide a user-friendly app with straightforward interfaces and regionalized information. Partnerships with regional language support and local influencers have also helped to fuel the expansion. Fantasy gaming in tier II and tier III cities has a very promising future, and we’re dedicated to giving everyone a fun and easy-to-access gaming experience.

How is Super4 contributing to the gaming sector in India?

Super4 is having a big impact on the Indian gaming industry. Cricket lovers may build their ideal teams and compete with friends and other fans using our app, which offers an immersive and captivating fantasy game experience. This improves their knowledge of the sport and increases their enthusiasm for games.

Super4 also fosters the expansion of the gaming sector by generating employment possibilities for data analysts, customer service representatives, and game creators. We work with talented locals and support the growth of data analytics and technological capabilities. Our existence boosts the economy by bringing in money from partnerships, advertising, and user subscriptions. In order to guarantee a secure and entertaining experience for players of all ages, we also place a high priority on user data protection and ethical gaming practices. In conclusion, Super4’s contribution to the Indian gaming industry promotes economic expansion, skill development, and entertainment while ensuring that gaming is enjoyable and safe for everybody.

What is the road ahead for Super4 & online fantasy gaming industry?

Super4 and the online fantasy game market have bright futures ahead of them. As Super4, our goals are to make our software more user-friendly, improve the user experience, and guarantee fair play. To serve a broad audience, we’ll keep providing a variety of sports, such as football, cricket, and more.

We predict growth in the online fantasy gaming space as a result of rising smartphone usage and sports involvement. The future of the sector will be greatly influenced by regulations, which will also protect the integrity and safety of the games. Additionally, we’ll concentrate on campaigns for responsible gaming, raising awareness of the value of playing for enjoyment as opposed to carelessly.

Moreover, partnerships with sports leagues and teams will be vital to attract more users. The industry is likely to evolve with technological advancements, offering more immersive and interactive experiences. Overall, the road ahead for Super4 and the online fantasy gaming industry is filled with opportunities, provided we maintain transparency, fair practices, and adhere to evolving regulations.

How Super4 is tackling the government’s new GST rule of gaming applications?

Our pricing strategy has been significantly impacted by the new GST rate. In light of this increased tax rate, we’ve had to carefully reevaluate how we price our services in order to remain competitive and pay our operating costs. To find out how the new tax rate will impact our expenses—which include marketing, development, and server maintenance—we carried out a thorough research.

To keep our app affordable for users, we made the decision to absorb a portion of the increased tax burden ourselves, rather than passing it all onto our customers. This strategic choice allowed us to strike a balance between staying competitive in the market and ensuring our app’s sustainability. We also explored ways to improve our internal processes to minimize the impact of the higher GST rate.

In an ever-evolving tech and gaming landscape, how do you plan to stay innovative and competitive in the fantasy gaming industry?

Super4 is dedicated to maintaining its inventive and competitive edge in the ever-changing realm of fantasy cricket games. We’re concentrating on a few crucial tactics to accomplish this. First, to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience, we’re investing in state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly interfaces. We are always adding new features to our app, such player statistics in real time and virtual worlds that are truly realistic.

Secondly, we’re adding more options to our lineup than just fantasy cricket. We’ve included additional games, such as prediction competitions, cricket quizzes, and interactive chat options where fans may talk about the game. Our users are delighted and engaged by this variety.

Lastly, we’re committed to creating a vibrant Super4 community. We’re improving the social capabilities, enabling users to connect with friends, form private leagues, and share their triumphs. This encourages our users to feel competitive and like they belong.

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