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Live streaming has provided a popular way for people to interact with fellow gaming enthusiasts from around the world.

Online poker has always been the most popular game of skill in any BTC casino. Poker has the lowest edge in favor of the casino, meaning that the outcome is most dependent on the players’ skills.  It’s easy enough to learn, but it can take years to master.


This article will discuss what’s considered good etiquette when playing on crypto & Bitcoin poker sites. These aren’t precisely written rules, and you won’t get kicked out for not respecting them, but it’s good manners and makes the game more pleasant for everyone involved. The magic of blockchain technology.

Acting in a Timely Manner

 Most online poker tables have a time limit for players to fold, check, or bet.  The amount of time you have depends on the crypto casino you’re using and the in-house rules.  There’s usually enough time for the engaged player to study the table and the hand and to make a move.

It’s considered rude to wait until the time runs out and stall the game.  Try to be focused on the game and make your calls as fast as possible without jeopardizing your strategic thinking.  Some crypto wagers, for example, can also be automated to make things faster and more accessible for the player.

Table Chat

 In poker games that are played live and against real players, table chat can be lively and part of the game.  Some casinos allow text messages, while others allow players to chat using their microphones.  Rules that would apply in a real-life casino apply here: there’s no place for profanities and being rude.  Be mindful of the age gaps, if there are any, and courteously conduct yourself.

The appropriate topics of discussion are the game itself and a friendly banter regarding the game.  Avoid discussing politics, religion, or anything else that may be too personal.

Announcing Actions

In online poker games that aren’t streamed live, the players press the button and decide which of the available actions they will take.  When you’re playing this version of poker, there’s no reason to announce your actions since it’s done for you.

When playing in a Bitcoin poker room that streams the game live with a live dealer, the players are expected to clearly announce their actions so that everyone at the table is aware of their move.  In most cases, this can be done by pressing a button instead of actually calling it.

Avoid Angle Shooting

Angle shooting in poker refers to a player’s use of unethical or borderline tactics to gain an advantage or exploit loopholes in the rules, etiquette, or the opponent’s understanding of the game.  It’s not exactly cheating, but it’s close.  Deliberate misinformation, ambiguous actions, or slow-rolling can accomplish angle shooting.

Even though you won’t get banned from the table for any of these actions, the best way to go is to avoid it and to make sure that you follow both the written and unwritten rules of poker.

Connection Stability

This is important to consider when gambling on online poker sites, especially those with complicated interfaces and live-streaming games.  If a player has an unstable connection, all the other players at the table will suffer a worse gameplay experience because of them.  Lagging can also lead to making bad decisions and rushing through decisions.

It’s best to equip yourself with a good set connection before starting a game.  Everyone should use separate connections if multiple players are playing from the same room.  Most crypto poker sites are easy to load and use, and that requires a fast connection in the first place.

Learn about the Disconnection Policy

 Disconnection policy refers to the online poker site’s rules about the players losing their connection.  Since the game is played in real-time, the rules must be established to govern the table in case a player can’t make a wager.  The players should also be clear on these rules if they make a complaint later.

The rules include:

  • Time Bank: Many online poker sites provide players with a “time bank.” This is a reserve of additional time that players can use when facing a decision in the hand.
  • Automatic folding: As the name suggests, some online poker sites automatically fold for players who can’t connect, regardless of their cards.
  • Reconnection Time: The policy typically specifies a certain amount of time during which a player can attempt to reconnect to the game.  If they regain the connection, they can continue the game where they left it off.
  • Resolution of the Hand: The policy may specify how the hand is resolved if a player cannot reconnect within the allocated time.  In most cases, the poker sites are fair with this one, and they give everyone their money back.

Study the Interface First

 Studying the site’s interface first before using it in a real game is good practice.  Most poker sites allow demo games and gambling for relatively small amounts.  That presents an excellent opportunity for the players to study and familiarize themselves with the interface.

That way, they can react quickly during the game and avoid accidentally making a bet.  Most online poker sites are intuitive in their interface design, but they are different, and some players may need time to adapt.

The Know Your Customer Rules

 One of the most significant advantages of using cryptocurrency to play poker is that players don’t have to provide personal information such as bank accounts, card numbers, or even their names.  However, this started to change in recent months or years, and many gambling sites are following the “know your customer” laws.

The law requires the players to provide their ID when they register.  Poker sites usually don’t provide this personal information to third parties.  The only thing a player can do is to provide the data the site requires of them or to find a site that allows anonymous gambling.

When to Contact Support

 Customer support is a helpful tool for both the players and the poker site.  It’s best left as a last resort for resolving issues that might arise at the table.  If you feel there was a mistake and that you’ve been treated unfairly, customer support can help resolve the issue and sometimes overrule the dealer.

A player can help their case with customer support by following the rules mentioned above and ensuring they’ve conducted themselves respectfully.  The same goes for contacting the support and interacting with the staff.  There’s nothing wrong with contacting the support if you’re not confident about the potential outcome of your petition.

To Sum Up

 Online poker is the best card game out there, which almost all Bitcoin poker sites provide.  The game is fun and exciting to play, and you can win big based on your skills and efforts.  The online version is made to mimic the look and feel of playing it in an actual casino.  It also has its own etiquette for the player’s conduct.  Most of it concerns the technical prerequisites the players need to have to play.

Players should also follow the written and unwritten rules of the game and be civil and courteous towards other players.  They should also play the game in a brisk and steady fashion so they don’t slow-roll the opponents.

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