Online Video Converter: What formats Are Supported?

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Online Video Converter: What formats Are Supported? 1

Billions of files are shared across the entire globe through the web. In the past, sharing files was problematic, as it stands out to be pretty troublesome for the sender or the recipient. The reasons for such issues were, either the file was too big, or it carried a wrong format. To prevent such issues from taking place, the introduction of the online video converter was made and the method of file sharing became easy. 


When it comes to video conversion, Uniconverter is one such option that pops up in minds of every user. It is a unique piece of video converter that is solely designed to be operated from the website itself. It is free and you do need to go through the hassle to have it downloaded and installed into your respective device. You will be introduced to various top-notch features and you can use them according to your needs and wants. 

Uni converter is nothing like the online converters you will find on the internet. It is a website that is fast and is licensed to carry out the services it is created for. No matter how big the file is or what type of platform you use, Uni converter is the best website to convert an audio or video.

Types of formats it supports

The Uniconverter is known to support various types of formats, which has made the work of individuals to be much easier. Given below are some of the most popular formats that are used for converting files:

  • Audio Video Interleave (AVI): 

The AVI is developed by Microsoft and brought into the eyes of the public in November 1992. Being a part of the video for windows technology, the AVI is known to be the oldest set of video formats. It is universally popular and accepted for which numerous individuals considered it to be the “de facto” standards for storing information on audio and video on the computer. Uniconverter supports the AVI format, and you can convert your files accordingly.

  • Flash Video Format (FLV):

The flash files are a type of video, which is encoded with the Adobe flash software along with the codecs of VP6 video compression formats. They can be played with the help of web browser plugins or Adobe flash player itself. Virtually, every individual has this format installed into their device, for which it stands out to be the most common video viewing platform, which is used on the web these days.

  • Moving Pictures Experts Group 4 (MP4): 

The MP4 is the short-form for MPEG-4, which is a standard that was developed by the Motion Pictures Expert Group. They were given the responsibility to set up the industry standards for the video and audio and they are commonly used for sharing files on the internet. It was first introduced in 1998 and the MPEG-4 takes the help of different compressions for both the video and audio tracks. The audio is compressed with the help of AAC compression and the video is compressed through MPEG-4 video encoding. Uniconverter also helps in converting all types of video and audio files to this particular format for their customers.

Types of platforms it supports

Apart from the formats that are used for sharing video and audio files, Uniconverter provides its support for various types of platforms. This enables customers to take full advantage of this online video and audio converting website. Given below are some of the platforms it supports. They are

  • Windows (8,9,10, XP and Vista)
  • Mac
  • JavaScript
  • Linux

These platforms are the important ones where Uniconverter works and performs well. When used under these platforms, the converter has the power to convert videos to 1000 different formats, which is done 30 times faster. When compared to other types of websites, they are one of the best and popular on the internet. Individuals who take the help of the above-mentioned platforms, it will allow them to receive features like downloading, burning, transferring of videos, and so on. Overall, it is considered being the best online audio and video converter. 

Benefits of using the online video converter

There are a countless number of benefits that you will receive when you think of using the video converter online. Some of the most important and hand-picked benefits are provided below.

  • They are very easy to use.
  • It will help you save money.
  • The video-quality is assured.
  • The video converting website is compatible with all devices.
  • The online video converting website is safe and secured.
  • You will be provided with services according to your needs.

With the above-mentioned benefits, it tells you that online video converting websites are the best and an alternative option of the software versions. 


With the information provided in this article, you will understand how Uni converter performs, the platforms it supports and the format it uses. This will enable you to take the help of the converter whenever you desire it.

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