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Open source platform to Implement IOT use case

The open source cloud internet of things (IOT) platforms are creating huge rave around firms who are eyeing the journey of internet of things. The IOT is a very combatant and highly potential driven economy, where the business organizations are insisting more on bending on open platforms so as to have a grip on their destiny drive. Although with all the predictions we are very much the primitive generation of the open source IOT stage but the vision is very clear that it will be a humongous model in years to come.

The adoption of internet of things open source technologies do make a huge logical step with most of the technology firms in the business world centering either on cloud storage or closed commercial strategies. The process is considered to be prevalent in potential up-market and complex software markets in today’s time. Most of the initial IOT stages that have acquired traction is because of the traditional tech schools who favors the commercial distribution and closed source models. The cloud based internet of things are a huge help for the IOT infrastructure as they helped in removing the complexities of the same. Thus, with time we can only dream how big and dependent the open source IOT will be and how much the technologies will depend on it.

The reasons for favoring Open source platform IOT strategy

  • Frequency of change: AS the IOT space in enterprises is changing drastically faster than imagined it is becoming quiet difficult for one single vendor to look around the changes and implement them. Thus, the open source community gives in the boost to keep up pace with changing market.
  • Extensibility: With the enterprise IOT solution providing changes that fall out of the scope of IOT platform capabilities thus Open source comes as a modifying platform to tailor the requirements as per the specific needs.
  • Adapting to new device manufacturers: For the IOT devices interoperability is one of the essential elements for its success. But for single with SD’s and adapter to cater out thousands and thousands of IOT devises is simply not possible. That’s when open source come into play, it helps in controlling and evolving the interoperability between IOT devices for enterprises. The reasons for favoring Open source platform IOT strategy

Some cool Open source platform to Implement IOT use case

  • Kaa Project – Kaa is an open source, for structure, managing, as well as integrating wise IOT tools. Kaa provides a standardized approach for combination as well as interoperation across linked products. Additionally, Kaa’s effective back-end capability substantially accelerates item growth, permitting vendors to focus on maximizing their product’s unique worth to the customer. Kaa is a fantastic services for business embracing IoT middleware remedies.
  • GE Predix – It is and open source platform for IOT PaaS models for use of industrial purpose. It is primarily based on Cloud Foundry, it adds a new group which caters to the solution and has capability of handling IOT solutions. It mainly looks around services related to assets managing, security of devices, analytics with real time and many other such relevant sources of work catering to IOT.
  • IO- It’s an open source network for making embedded apps for the IOT that runs successfully on Linux devices like Beagle bone or Raspberry Pi. The macchina.IO is one of the greatest remedies for organizations to connect to smart devices with their own cloud storage solution.






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