OpenAI to Launch Marketplace for AI Software

By Srikanth
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OpenAI to Launch Marketplace for AI Software 1

There is a market for everything from caps to taps. You can buy and sell everything. Really. It is not very surprising that there will be a marketplace for AI very soon. Of course yes. Open AI, the creator of Chart GPT, is planning to soon launch a marketplace, or rather an App Store that will now allow people to buy AI models that’s developed on their own AI technology. ID say its pretty cool.


This entrepreneurial model will offer Chat GPT customers and AI developers more business and also provide them with a common platform to interact. Now the proposed marketplace is set to compete with app stores run by Salesforce and Microsoft, and also help Open AI technology reach a much wider audience. Reportedly, Open AI customers like Quint and Khan Academy are already interested in offering.

Rapid revision gives arts at extra practice we required. Here their Chat GPT powered AI models on the proposed platform. Now for the same Open AI CEO Sam Altman disclosed the plans for such a platform last month. Hundreds of businesses, they adopted Chat GPT to automate tasks and increase efficiency, and this offers Open Air the perfect opportunity to launch an App Store.

Hence, The US government might consider a combination of licensing and testing requirements for development and release.

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