OpenAI Unveils Text-to-Video AI Model Sora

OpenAI's new product, Sora, transforms text into customizable videos, streamlining the video creation process with simple typing prompts.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
OpenAI Unveils Text-to-Video AI Model Sora 1

OpenAI, the company that made ChatGPT, announced lately a new product named Sora and it is said to be a cool new AI. Sora turns text into videos. It will make easy creating and editing videos with typing prompt. People can make videos in various sizes and shapes. The tool can even change elements in existing videos such as background, lighting and even how the videos have been shot.

Using Sora is straightforward. Users input text prompts and the AI model does the rest. Whether starting from scratch or using an image as a reference, the tool produces high-quality video content efficiently. It employs a transformer architecture that is similar to ChatGPT. It breaks down videos and images into smaller units called patches. Through this process, it gradually refines noise to generate polished final products.

To ensure the safety and reliability of Sora, OpenAI is conducting rigorous testing with “red teamers” — experts tasked with identifying potential risks. This careful testing helps fix any problems before Sora is officially released. OpenAI is also in talk with policymakers, artists and teachers to understand how the new tool can be used as well as solve possible problems.


Though there is no set launch date, Sora’s features have stirred excitement in the AI world. Making videos from text brings fresh opportunities in various fields. Sora will help businesses, creators and educators in making videos more efficiently. They will save time and money too while keeping quality high.

So, it can be said in brief that Sora is a big step forward in AI content creation. It is easy to use and can make impressive videos without much effort. As OpenAI keeps improving Sora, it is set to change how we make videos online.

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