How to optimize your company’s big data for future use?

The bigger a company, the more data it generates from day to day. And a single pint of data can provide better insights. And there are two ways of a spiral to get the best of the data.

The first method can also be called a ‘Top-Down Approach’. Here, first focus the data on a larger context and then shorten down to the location main point. For example, in a map, picturize a larger area with the available data and pinpoint your location. As you move downward, you will be able correlate other data that may also have some insight on your need. This method is claimed to have worked satisfactorily for all.

The second method starts from the bottom and makes its way upward. As you move from the lower categories of data to more complex hard-core data, the understanding in this ’Bottom –Up Approach’ will help in management and better organisational skills. Research centres have proved this point which states that a single pixel of colour not only reveals its visibility colour but also an “infrared value, which can be used to measure vegetative health.”

Now you would want to ask that how does this approach work on your company’s project? Well, we all know that all this data comes the sensors and IoT. What if you applied the Top-Down Approach initiative for send the required instructions to the sensors and the Bottom-Down Approach for those data and images that the various sensors send you back. Would this method help you to uncover more depths of data for future prospects?

Here are some approaches to utilize your company’s Big Data:

  • Extract everything that is possible to extract

There’s a common saying – “A single penny saved today is a thousand pennies earned tomorrow”. The data that you extract today may not be of any use to you now. Still analyse everything that you get from a single pint of data.

  • Record the information

Today you might not realise the potential of the information that you have discerned from your data. However, when there is a bigger demand in any future scenario, your records could help you in gaining further insights on the condition. So, record and catalogue all the points so that it will be much easier to get the details you got today in the future.

  • Don’t forget what is your actual need

Many a times, when we deal with too much details and information, we tend to lose our track and immerse ourselves on a different unimportant path altogether. Never lose your track even you are just storing the unneeded data for the future. The task of today is important to be able in think of the future.

You may think all this extra work is simply a waste of time, energy and potential. However, many a times, and it has been approved by many companies, recording various data were of valuable use and have known to save time and money. Companies who want to diverse their dimensions go back through these past records to get more information and insights for better results.

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