Origin of Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technology

Mobile phones offer you several features, in which you can communicate through voice as well as send and receive data. But, depending on the model, a mobile phone can contain several features as much as possible. A mobile phone stores contact information as instructed by the user, displays flash news, sends and receives email, enables you playing games in your free time etc. Mobile phones are integrated with MP3 players, PDAs and GPS system.

History of Apple IOS

In what is generally considered to be his greatest presentation ever, Apple’s Steve Jobs presented the iPhone to the entire world on January 9, 2007. A couple of years after the presentation, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have practically redefined the entire world of mobile computing. That world is changing so fast that IOS is currently amongst the older mobile operating systems in active advancement at present. That definitely does not indicate it’s under-featured or underpowered. Through what can simply be identified as consistent and relentless improvement over time, apple has made IOS one of the most feature-rich and well-supported platforms in the marketplace.

History of Android OS

In 2003, four (4) technology professionals work together to establish Android Inc. of Palo Alto, CA: Andy Rubin, Chris White, Rich Miner and Nick Sears. The 4 joined forces to build an operating system for mobile devices that can detect user’s location and their preferences. Initially, the Android team hoped to implement the program into digital camera devices, thereby creating cameras that can access computer services. But, the company realized that there would be low demand for such types of computer camera, so the development exercises switched and focused on mobile phones.

In August 2005, Android quietly became the property of Google. Google bought the start-up company for a confidential price which is believed to be nearly $50 million. Although some individuals back then claimed that the move would bring about Google’s dominance of the mobile operating system, most perceived that Google was endeavoring to make a serious foray into Internet based services on mobile platforms.

History of Windows Phone OS

Windows Phone was developed by Microsoft Company as the successor to the Windows Mobile operating system at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 15, 2010; the 1st version was titled “Windows Phone 7”.

The very first Windows Phone smartphones were launched on October 21, 2010.

Windows Phone 7.5 with “codename Mango” was announced at the Mobile World Congress in 2011. The Windows Phone 7.5 update contains over 200 updates to the operating system.

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