Ottopia Introduces AI-Integrated Remote Control System for Autonomous Cars

By Sunil Sonkar
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Ottopia Introduces AI-Integrated Remote Control System for Autonomous Cars

Tel Aviv-based startup Ottopia is making waves lately. It has come up with a groundbreaking innovation in the driverless vehicles segment. it has just introduced AI-powered remote driving platform. Its new platform smartly integrates existing vehicle components such as cameras and modems. The AI therefore processes real-time data about the surroundings of the vehicle and offers a constantly updated situational awareness. The feature is being seen crucial for ensuring safety in autonomous driving.


The platform is versatile and impressive as well. It seamlessly integrates with other computing platforms which are used by autonomous vehicle manufacturers. It can fit right in and enhance the overall system.

One of the key functions of the platform is to serve as a control center for remote driving. It provides a strong infrastructure for both managing and supporting autonomous operations of vehicles.

It is learned that Ottopia has tested the platform extensively and for a period of more than six years in about two dozen cities. Moreover, the technology is currently being used by Deutsche Telekom, Hyundai, Nvidia and other such major companies in the industry.

Ottopia CTO Alex Kirshon said that their mission is to transform the way people and goods are moving. The vision is embodied in their new platform that enables remote human operators to assist with various driving tasks such as finding parking spots, recharging or refueling, routine check-ups and repairs, running errands, and family drop-offs and pickups. It can also take over the remote operation when a driver is too tired or stressed.

Well, the innovation of Ottopia means a step forward in the evolution of driverless vehicles. The use of AI in it has made the system versatile and it is believed to reshape the transportation landscape completely.

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