OurHealthMate startup takes over the Health Care Sector

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OurHealthMate startup takes over the Health Care Sector 1

OurHealthMate was founded in 2013 by Abhinav Krishna, that was headquartered in San Francisco with other offices in Bengaluru and Singapore. OurHealthMate(OHM) develops and looks after the management of health and wellness solutions in its area and also takes care of the medical appointment portal established to permit the appointments to be reserved online in just 3-easy steps.


The startup establishes itself notifying a 3P Model that involves, the combination of the payer who is a specific person or corporate who is paying for someone other person, the patient, and the provider that includes a hospital, doctor, or wellness coach. Further, the portal also aids the customers to search and reach the claimed and verified doctors in the country like India, analyse the services brought up in India and the offers rendered through it, and also to keep an eye on the expenses held.

Implemented to handle certain extraordinary issues in the developing and the developed countries, the portal deceives the of absence of internet access by the backup SMS system. During the present scenario, the company aims to focus only on Indian expats housing in the countries like UK, Canada, US, Singapore, UAE, Australia, and more and also the companies that have certain specified count of employees in India.

Finishing the appointment, the customer from overseas can receive a feedback from the specified doctor. The startup has recently also shaken hands with an insurance company based in US that holds the revenues of $200 billion to focus and enhance the health startups in corporates of India. The startup OHM involves a connecting team of many members, amongst which few are Dr Akash Kumar, earlier the CTO, but now plays the role of an advisory. Currently, the co-founder Ayush Bharti who is 32 years old from University of Virginia, Darden School of Business as an MBA graduate, is the CTO. Further, the Founding Partner and CSO is claimed to be Siddharth Upadhyaya who is 38 years old and collaborated with OHM in the later stages when the services by OHM touched his heart.

OHM allows itself to concentrate on a B2B2C strategy while working with two models mentioning one strategy for corporate sector and the other for the individual sector. OHM further utilises data from the data-centralised delivery system provided by the company. Adding to the utilities of the company, if anyone from the corporate sector establishes certain medical checkups yearly, then OHM gathers that provided data and strives to search and fix the issue.

Furthermore, if the corporate sector does not performs regular health checks, OHM looks forward to the issue and takes the team into action and follows everyone to go through the health screening to receive any data regarding which the company can strike for nearing extinguished plans and ideas.

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