Over 3,000 Indian Police Officers Receive Training in Blockchain Investigations

By Sunil Sonkar
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India's Journey towards Decentralization Accelerates with Blockchain

India is making sure its police officers are ready to stop people indulging in theft with digital currencies. More than 3,000 officers got special training in using blockchain to catch these so called cybercriminals.


This special training was led by groups like the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre and the Narcotic Control Bureau. Last year, 141 important officials and over 2,800 officers learned about things like digital money investigations, checking online chains and finding lost assets.

The training didn’t only teach about digital money. It taught the police how to use new things like hidden networks and check if people are using mobile apps in the wrong way. The police simultaneously learned how to get evidence from social media and the internet. They learned about the dark web too.

The Ministry of Home Affairs made a plan to keep training the officers every year. They created different lessons for the police at different levels. This will help them become better at catching internet-based criminals.

India is not only training its police. It is also planning something big. By the end of 2024, they want to create a big database with information about digital money from around the world. This will help them fight against digital money crimes.

Even though India is careful about digital currency, it also sees good things in its blockchain technology. In New Delhi, investigators are using blockchain to check if evidence is real and not changed. It is like a special tool to stop people from tricking.

Not just in law enforcement, but even in companies like Hindustan Petroleum, blockchain is being used. They are using it to be sure their orders are real and not fake.

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