Panasonic, Jasmy Partners for Web3 Platform Linking Personal and IoT Data

Jasmy Inc. and Panasonic Advanced Tech Co., Ltd. partner for a secure platform linking personal info with smart device data.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
Panasonic, Jasmy Partners for Web3 Platform Linking Personal and IoT Data

Jasmy Incorporated and Panasonic Advanced Technology Development Co.,Ltd. have lately partnered to create a platform that links personal information with smart devices data. The collaboration mainly focuses on ensuring secure handling of data besides providing innovative solutions.

The platform mainly combines Jasmy’s Personal Data Locker (PDL), which is an online storage system for managing personal information, with Panasonic’s expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This combination of blockchain and IoT technologies provides secure and efficient data processing.

It will focus on agile development methods and Web3 technology to speed up the platform’s release. The approach aims to gain attention from various segments as well as enable the development of versatile services which are compatible with different devices.

Earlier, the personal data of individuals were controlled by IT companies through online services. The latest PDL platform will stores data securely and simultaneously allow users to share their data securely as well.

Internet-connected devices are growing gradually and the volume as well as variety of generated data by these devices is increasing at a rapid speed. Real-time processing and security are crucial for handling this data effectively.

Combining data generated by people and devices requires building trustworthy relationships and enabling secure data exchange. Additionally, there is a need for accessible platforms and development environments to facilitate service development and promote “Data Democracy.”

Both the companies have recognized the importance of these challenges and have addresses them jointly. By leveraging their strengths and experiences, they are looking at creating a widely adopted platform that fosters innovation and value creation.

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