Pax Labs are regarded as the ‘Apple’ of dry herb vaporizers

Pax Labs are regarded as the 'Apple' of dry herb vaporizers 1

Dry herb vaporizers have been becoming pretty popular lately among people who want a much healthier alternative to smoking. If we go by clear-cut definition then dry herb vaporizers are defined by an electronic device that is used to vape dry herb or any kind of dry flower as well.

This can be compared to the e-cigs that mostly use liquid cartridges. Since there is no such combustion inside the electronic vaporizer device, therefore the process will be safe and the user’s lungs will not be accumulated by any kind of smoke.

Pax Labs have been manufacturing dry herb vaporizers for almost ten years now. The company has truly pushed the boundaries when it comes to smoking in the 21st century. The Pax devices are made so simple that you can easily use at any moment you want them to be. You just proceed to ignite your dry herb, where the device will heat the dry herb at temperatures that are below the point of combustion. Then the device will extract all the kinds of flavours, aromas and also the effects of the herbs as well, with very less smoke and in terms of vapour. As an user, you just inhale and exhale the product, and you’ll be done with it. However, if you want to try an alternative for the herb that you have, you can check this website.

After the release of the first Pax Vaporizer, the company had released the second generation device known as Pax 2, which was then followed by Pax 3. Such devices come with various new technologies that are unheard of, in a device such small.

The Pax Vaporizer Devices come with numerous sensors to detect temperatures and also accelerometers to detect any kind of movement as well. There is also a mouthpiece that will recognise the moment your lips touch the device. Also, there is sufficient insulation to let the device feel cool to touch from the exterior, even though inner temperatures can heat up to over 455 Fahrenheit. Many customers and reviewers termed the Pax 2 and the Pax 3 as the iPhone of all vaporizers.

The engineers at Pax Labs have worked at companies like Acer, IBM, Foxconn, Ideo, and have gained various creative ideas when it comes to design and functionality of the device that Pax manufactures. For one, the design of Pax Vaporizer Devices itself tells the story about how simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The minimal aesthetic has also been passed along to the product packaging of Pax Vaporizer Devices as well. Moving away, Pax has also been successful in developing a smartphone app that helps you to customize various functions of your Pax devices, including the burning temperature, the flavor outputs, color of the LED lights engraved on the device, etcetera. All these functions work only via Bluetooth.

Pax Labs have a huge advantage on their hands, due to their technology being easy to use, load and clean. Every Pax Vaporizer Device is also slapped with a 10-year warranty, which provides users with much-needed trust in the technology Pax uses. And this is what makes Pax, the ‘Apple’ of dry herb vaporizers.

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