Paytm Launches AI Cloud for India


Just after the launch of a mobile wallet, financial services, which is an online marketplace, among other verticals, One97 Communications, the company which is solely owned by the Paytm, has announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI) cloud computing platform Paytm AI Cloud for the pool of developers, start-ups, and enterprises in partnership with the China Richest person form

The AI-powered cloud computing platform is going to offer a suite of business-centric apps for the large organisations which actually need solutions for the basis of cloud computing. Microsoft and Amazon are the two biggest cloud service providers in the country as of now. “The ready-to-use services would help to automate workflow, easy-to-integrate payments, messaging and customer engagement without the hassle of managing hardware and software,” the firm said.

One97 added that while the data centre and cloud service would be provided in partnership with Alibaba, all the information on firms as well as the processing of data would be done in India. “Every organisation needs to be AI-enabled. They need access to infrastructure to quickly sandbox their ideas, run through multiple experiments, and iterate hypothesis without worrying about managing their infrastructure. Our customers’ data is processed and stored locally in India with no access to any third party or investors,” Sujit Kumar Mishra, vice-president, Paytm, said.

Paytm AI Cloud has also claimed in the report that it processes and stores all consumer data in servers which is mainly located in India only. The platform has also built various solutions that include an pre-trained models, ready to use apps, predictive computations to business, affordable, easy-to-access computing services.

The company also said in a report that it will soon offer enterprise-messaging solution in partnership with DingTalk, through which it will offer cross-platform enterprise messaging solution to facilitate conversations across email, chat, call or audio-video conference.

“It has a marketing automation platform to foster a one-on-one relationship with every customer across multiple channels. Enterprises can now easily design their customer’s lifecycle, interaction touch-points, offer differentiated services, and rewards that matter to their business,” the firm said.



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