Pecan AI Revolutionizes Business Predictions with Predictive GenAI

Pecan AI launched Predictive GenAI, revolutionizing business predictions with $66M funding.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Pecan AI Revolutionizes Business Predictions with Predictive GenAI

Pecan AI just dropped something big and it is called Predictive GenAI. Think of it like a super-smart tool that makes guessing things for businesses simple. Pecan AI has been around for eight years and is well known for its smart predictive analytics. They managed getting $66 million in funding in February 2022.


So, what is the deal with Predictive GenAI? Pecan AI wants to share the power of predictive AI with everyday businesses and not just with the tech-savvy ones.

Predictive GenAI has two cool features. First is the Predictive Chat, which is like having a chat with a smart friend. Just ask it questions using easy words and it helps in finding the perfect tool for the business needs. It is like having a conversation, but with an AI who knows its stuff.

The second is the Predictive Notebook. Think of it as the behind-the-scenes champion. It does something cool called generative AI to get ready for making guesses. To put it simply, it changes normal information into something AI can get, like a magic wand for data.

Pecan AI CEO and co-founder Zohar Bronfman says regular generative AI struggles a bit with predictions. But Predictive GenAI makes it easy for data scientists to create and use predictive AI models.

While Predictive GenAI is stealing the show, Pecan AI is also doing some cool stuff behind the scenes. They are making their AI extra smart by making it do things by itself. Like, they are finding tricky data issues that might mess up predictions in the world of machines.

Simply put, Pecan AI is making cool AI predictions easy and friendly for businesses. Predictive GenAI is like their superhero sidekick, making the AI world a friendlier place.

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