Percept Insight Launches AI-Powered Analytics Platform on Azure Marketplace

By Srikanth
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Percept Insight Launches AI-Powered Analytics Platform on Azure Marketplace 1

Percept Insight, a leading provider of AI-powered conversational analytics solutions, today announced the launch of its next-generation AI-powered analytics platform on the renowned Microsoft Azure Marketplace in collaboration with G7 CR Technologies, a Noventiq Company. This technology collaboration marks a significant milestone for businesses seeking to revolutionize their data analytics capabilities with actionable insights and propel growth through seamless integration with Azure cloud services. 


Percept Insight’s all-in-one intelligent platform empowers businesses to effortlessly convert user actions into impactful insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and maximizing digital success. Unlike traditional analytics solutions, Percept Insight requires no coding or steep learning curve; it lets users answer complex product questions using their favourite language, English, making it accessible to everyone across all levels of expertise. For e.g., one can ask questions like “How did my business do yesterday?”. 

The AI-powered conversational analytics platform’s suite of powerful features delivers actionable insights for informed decision-making, allowing businesses to understand and optimize user interactions over time. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, this tool transforms raw data into meaningful and actionable information, empowering businesses and individuals to make data-driven decisions with ease. Percept Insight’s funnel analysis provides a deep understanding of user conversion at each step of the customer journey, with integrated breakdowns offering visibility into user journeys across various demographics. 

One of the platform’s key strengths lies in its ability to segment users based on any property. It empowers businesses to build sophisticated user cohorts and gain a deeper understanding of user behaviour within specific segments. The streamlined interface of Percept Insight’s dashboards brings together all critical data in one place, facilitating easy collaboration and efficient access. 

Additionally, Percept Insight’s automation capabilities allow businesses to take actions based on customer behaviour, such as sending reminders, notifications, and personalized marketing campaigns, eliminating the need for manual interventions. The association with Microsoft Azure & G7 CR Technologies (A Noventiq Company), under the aegis of their STAB program tailored exclusively for ISVs, ensures that the offering remains ahead of the technology curve with seamless cloud deployments and support. 

The AI-powered platform caters to a wide range of use cases, providing businesses with actionable insights and optimization capabilities. From analysing user journeys to segmenting for targeted campaigns, interactive Q&A for real-time reports, optimizing SaaS products, and providing valuable insights for CIOs, CEOs, CPOs, and technical leadership, Percept Insight offers detailed and comprehensive analytical data on various parameters, including trends, patterns, correlations, and outliers, giving users a holistic view of their data. 

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