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Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit The purpose is to ensure your social media marketing strategy is effective. Conducting an audit can help to optimize the outcomes by strengthening your online presence. It enables you to gain a better understanding of the relationship between your brand and consumers. This data is a critical part of understanding your target audience and boosting engagement. 

By conducting a social media audit, you can find out key information, such as whether or not your Twitter account is attracting customers or if your Facebook page is receiving the amount of traffic anticipated. In other words, it enables you to determine whether the marketing techniques employed are effective. This can facilitate the necessary changes to your strategy. It’s an effective way to develop strategic roadmaps for future marketing campaigns. 

Simplifying Your Social Media Audit

NetBase is a social analytics company that simplifies the process of conducting a social media audit. For instance, they provide tools to measure the sentiment towards your brand and figure out which channels work best. NetBase also helps you remain competitive by providing intelligence on your main competitors. The breadth of the services offered related to social media auditing is vast and scalable to fit your specific needs. You can more easily gain an understanding of the progress you’ve made over a defined period of time.

Determining Which Platform Fits Your Market

There is a wide range of social media platforms from which to choose. The goal is figuring out which platform is best for your brand. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or something altogether different, you can use the information acquired during the audit to choose what works best for your brand.

You’ll learn from the data obtained that certain demographics gravitate to specific platforms. For instance, the age range of Facebook users has increased in recent years, which is something that you’ll want to consider if you have a product or service that targets a younger generation. 

Understanding the goals of your brand is critical because it will help you choose the right channels. An audit done with tools provided by NetBase will shed light on the interactions that occur between the content that’s been posted on your social media platforms and the viewers.

This data will help you understand the type of content that increases engagement and what changes should be made to optimize ROI. If viewers are more often engaged in a specific type of content, you can align future marketing campaigns similarly. Since data provided by NetBase is in real-time, it can decrease how long it takes you to pivot and adjust your marketing campaign. Quick access to information for decision-making purposes is critical in retail and other industries. 

Establishing Clear Goals In Response to Audit Results

A social media audit is best used during strategy meetings when determining the specific steps that should be taken to improve marketing outcomes. It allows you to meet with all stakeholders to establish clear goals that are based on actual data. This can include the number of likes, comments, and followers on a platform, among other information. Auditing social media is an ongoing process that should occur consistently to prevent making common mistakes that prevent brands from advancing. 

Another way in which audits are useful is they allow you to eliminate what isn’t working so that you can dedicate that energy to an area that is working, which will further boost bottom-line results. While it’s important to engage with consumers on social media, that doesn’t mean all social media platforms are an effective tool for your brand.  Have a look at the article impact of social media Analysis

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