Perplexity Chatbot’s Yelp Integration Offers Informed Choices

Perplexity chatbot now uses Yelp data for cafe and restaurant recommendations.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Perplexity Chatbot's Yelp Integration Offers Informed Choices 1

Popular chatbot Perplexity has taken a significant step to upgrade its service. It has incorporated Yelp data into its responses. This means users can now seek advice on cafes or restaurants. This will help Perplexity to draw responses from multiple Yelp reviews, location information and a couple of more similar parameters.


Perplexity CEO Aravind Srinivas highlighted this major shift towards chatbots as regular search engines with an aim to provide more direct information on popular topics such as dining and shopping options. This has led to the integration of Yelp’s maps, reviews and other details into its responses.

Srinivas further emphasized that the versatility of Perplexity is not just limited to catering to the research needs of users, but it is also committed to everyday queries such as finding the best coffee spots or getting the address of best restaurant in the town. This means that the inclusion of Yelp’s data is a step forward towards the dedication to offer diverse responses such as maps, photos and quoted reviews.

Perplexity’s partnership with Yelp falls under Yelp’s Fusion program. This licenses data to third parties. Chad Richard, SVP of business & corporate development at Yelp, expressed confidence in providing Perplexity users with reliable local search results.

Some chatbots rely on internet-derived information while Perplexity stands out by integrating trusted data sources like Yelp. The move aligns with a broader trend of AI companies to secure access to real-time data for enhanced user experiences and better responses.

In the near future, it is learned that Perplexity plans further integrations with services like WolframAlpha for mathematical computations and potentially with providers of shopping or financial data. With such futuristic approaches, it is significant that the commitment of the platform to continuously improve its capabilities is in process. It is pledged to offer users comprehensive assistance.

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