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Personal Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence have started to influence every person’s daily lives, it is no longer is a privilege for a chosen few. Microsoft’s Cortana, Google assistant, Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to name a few have already entered your personal lives but the time has come to take this to the workspace. Already in the world of customer service, the rise of Chabot’s, virtual assistance and artificial intelligence are being experienced every day. This is allowing humans to manage more complex problem solving tasks, that helps to improve speed and efficiency of decision.

In spite of the advancement in technology, the human workforce has arguably never been busier and in dire need of assistance. While hiring of a human personal assistance is simply not possible, everyone could have a personal AI assistant. This will definitely help the human workforce to focus more on revenue-raising work which finally will change how the business mode of operation.Personal Artificial Intelligence1

The magic however will be to build an AI assistant that works for you rather than working for you. It seems almost impossible at this very time to visualize one AI to accomplish multiple types of tasks and any company that claims to have built one will ultimately be inoperable at all of them. It would be rather intelligent on part of human technology to build AI who will help to accomplish a single purpose for e.g. schedule meetings, market research, candidate-screening process etc.

However, with a variety of different AI running to perform so many duties, there will definitely be a necessity to create a breed of special set of organizer AI.

There is no doubt that, Artificial intelligence has brought about a fourth industrial revolution and made unimaginable progress in the last couple of years. Although, the bulk of AIs developed so far have been for industry and business but already quite a few very efficient personal AI are available. The later part in the article, the discussion will focus on a number of such AIs.

Personal has the aptitude to access information from a variety of online sources such as weather conditions, traffic situation, current news, stock prices, user schedules, retail prices etc. It can accomplish tasks in an automated way which otherwise a human would have done and this saves time and energy. An Intelligent personal assistant organizes and maintains database includes managing your emails, calendar events, files etc. Below are the lists of such personal AIs –

Google Assistant

Google assistant helps you to basically inquire about anything. It could be your current weather or nearest restaurant; movie ticket or flight status. Google assistance will search the information for you. It can also translate your result in over 100 languages.


Siri helps you to manage your daily activities by reminding you. Siri will create a list of your tasks with your input for e.g. to call a friend or write an email.

Google now

This google app help you to know and learn about your favourite things or things you care about. You can the feed of stories of your interests and answer your questions quickly. It gets better and efficient with every use.


Cortana is an AI created by Microsoft that helps you to search your device and remind you to do your tasks. Cortana can group your reminders based on time, location or date. A photo reminder will help you visualize the item in your list better.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is speaker that works as hands-free and can be controlled by voice command that is connected to Alexa voice service. Echo has seven microphones and beam technology that makes it possible to hear your voice from every corner of the room.


Nina works as an intelligent automated virtual assistant used for customer self-service in companies. It allows conversations that are intelligent with a human touch. Nina needs to integrated with customer service platform of your company. It understands almost everything your customer does which enables you to maintain a consistent expression for your brand and products.


SILVIA is a platform that has a complete inbuilt system to help development of applications for virtual reality based games and digital entertainment. It is based on conversational technologies.


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