Pet-Care Startup The Pet Journey Introduces Raw Dog Food in India

The Pet Journey offers raw dog food in India, promoting pet health. Founder Sagar Badakere created this diet to mimic natural canine food, ensuring well-being.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
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Pet-Care Startup The Pet Journey Introduces Raw Dog Food in India

The Pet Journey, a startup that takes care of pets, has brought raw dog food to India. This is a big change in pet food, offering healthier choices that match how people treat their pets like family.

Founder Sagar Badakere, a dedicated dog lover, spearheaded the creation of Journey Raw Dog Food. Badakere saw that pets needed healthier food, so he made raw food with lots of meat, bones, organs and plants. This diet is like what dogs used to eat, which helps them stay healthy and happy.

Badakere thinks raw feeding is really important. He says it is better than giving dogs processed food or scraps from the table. He believes that since dogs come from wolves, they do best with a natural diet. The Pet Journey wants to teach pet owners about raw feeding and offer a healthy option without any bad chemicals.


Driven by a passion for canine health, Badakere embarked on this venture after a successful career in the pet industry. Badakere used all his smarts and learning to create Journey Raw Dog Food. He made it with lots of love and care to give pets the best nutrition possible.

Pet owners care a lot about their pets’ health, and The Pet Journey wants to help. They focus on giving pets the best food made from really good ingredients that people could eat too.

Pet parents across India can now purchase Journey Raw Dog Food online through With delivery services available in major cities and plans for expansion, The Pet Journey aims to make raw feeding more accessible and convenient for Indian pet owners.

Journey Raw Dog Food wants to give dogs the food they need to stay healthy and live longer.

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