PicoNext Launches Digital Product Passports on Blockchain

Utah's PicoNext is revolutionizing fashion by introducing Digital Product Passports (DPP), allowing brands like to communicate transparently with shoppers.

By Sunil Sonkar
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PicoNext Launches Digital Product Passports on Blockchain

Utah’s PicoNext is shaking up the fashion world with a cool tech twist – Digital Product Passports (DPP). This cool tech helps clothing brands talk openly with shoppers in a brand-new way. PicoNext teamed up with four fancy global stores: Simple Chic in Australia, Bon+Berg in Ireland, and The Morphbag and Atelier Tammam in England.


Fashion buddies are using fancy tech like blockchain and cloud thingies to tell you everything about their clothes. They spill the beans on where materials come from, how eco-friendly they are and if you can recycle them. No more keeping secrets.

This is a big deal because some brands like to brag a lot about being super eco-friendly, but they are not always telling the truth. PicoNext’s DPPs promise real, verified data to back up what brands say about being sustainable.

And here is the cool part – thanks to these Digital Product Passports, customers can easily check out a product’s environmental info. Just scan a QR code or click on a link. Picture having a cool pass to peek behind the scenes of your favorite brand working to help the planet.

The European Union said in March 2022 that brands have to tell everyone how eco-friendly they are. PicoNext is really clever, making sure brands not only do their job but also make customers happy.

PicoNext founder Dave Dickson says this tech is not just about impressing the cool Gen Z crowd. It is also making sure everyone plays by the rules set by the European Union. PicoNext’s bag of tricks includes more than just DPPs – they have got other cool tools for brands to keep their green-conscious customers smiling.

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