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Pinterest Creators

The 2nd annual Pinterest Creators Festival revealed new products and features for Pinterest users across the globe and featured international celebrities and creators from worldwide.


The new platform revealed a new suite of creator and Pinner products and experience across the globe at the second annual Pinterest Creators Festival featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Storm Reid, Wendy’s World, Carolina Geleb, Henri Purnell, Pinterest creators Kerin Rose Gold, China Bell, among others.

The new features help to encourage creators to publish some of the high-quality content that helps to drive engagement with their communities and pays them for their inspiring content. These new experiences offer pinners more ways to watch, make and shop content creators.

Watch Tab

Among all the new exciting features, Pinterest redesigned its home feed to provide Pinners the option to watch or simply browse when looking at some of the ideas and inspiration. The new feature of the Watch tab is a full-screen feed off the idea Pins users can scroll through and engage with the fresh content from creators. It shows the best idea Pins relevant to a Pinner’s tastes and preferences.

The new feature of browse tab is an evolution of the Pinterest traditional inspiration feed, offering both browse and watch options. The new experience will be available to Pinners in markets where the Idea Pins are available on Android and iOS.


Takes are highly designed to inspire Pinners to try something new and encourage creators to build a community around shared passions. Pinner’s responses will going to link back to the creator’s original idea pins, and creators can also help to highlight top Takes from Pinners. Takes is available on both the Android and iOS for the Pinners and creators across the globe.

As a part of a new rollout, Pinners will also be able to create idea Pins for the first time with a wide range of new publishing tools to make their Idea Pins more actionable, which includes interactive and seasonal stickers, lots of music tracks with some of the new editing & recording capabilities, new video editing, and a preview mode which helps creators to see the final output before publishing.

Apart from that, Pinners who engage with creator content will see a comment code that reinforces positive interactions with the creators. This new comment code helps to build on the recent launch of the Creator Code; our content policy is being designed to keep Pinterest an inspiring and positive place.

Pinterest Creators Rewards

Pinterest has also revealed Creator Rewards, it’s first-ever product monetization program for the creators. The new Creators Rewards program is Pinterest’s latest initiative to pay creators for sharing their inspiring and passionate engagement via their content. Access to the Creator Rewards is available in America via a new global Creator Hub, where creators can help to manage their Pinterest presence with tools, insights, and tips. Apart from that, as a part of the Creator Rewards, Pinterest is also offering micro-grants for projects that creators are more passionate about or want to live.

Pinterest will also going to issue a series of engagements based on the goals being inspired by the trending topics or new Idea Pin features, and creators will going to have an opportunity to get paid for meeting the goal requirements. Pinterest is also investing around $20 million for the Creator Rewards and some other initiatives to support the creators.

In the month of April, Pinterest revealed its first-ever Creator Fund in the US, a program that elevated creators from the underrepresented communities via educational and financial support. In the month of July, the company revealed more ways for the creators to earn money on Pinterest, giving them the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable, earn commission with the help of affiliate links, and partner with brands on sponsored content.

In the month of April, Pinterest launched its first-ever Creator Fund in the US, a program that elevated creators from underrepresented communities through financial and educational support. In the month of July, the company introduced more ways for creators to earn money on Pinterest, giving them the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable, earn commissions through affiliate links, and partner with brands on sponsored content.

Pinterest is now expanding its product tagging tool to include the Amazon Associates Program so that the creators in America can add affiliate links from Amazon and earn commission on qualifying purchases.

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