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Pioneer in Virtual Technology Office during Software Development - OpenTurf 1

Brief introduction about the founders


Over the last ten years, I have worked in leadership roles in the Middle East and Africa. Overall, I come with twenty-plus years of experience in techno-commercial roles such as general management, strategy, sales, account management, business development and product management in software, telecom, and digital tech.

With what mission or purpose the  VTO was launched?

Businesses across verticals currently deal with challenges in completing their technology projects on time. This is particularly true when it comes to overcoming obstacles in technology architecture, customised automation, development of bespoke enterprise-grade software or finding the right expertise. During execution, most difficulties are in the areas of agile delivery, flexibility, dependability, maintainability, and achieving scalability at reasonable costs. These problems add further complications in the journey of digital transformation or legacy platform upgrades.

The purpose of setting up OpenTurf’s is to solve the technology problems that enterprises face, thus reducing the growing digital divide. Our unique VTO (Virtual Technology Office) approach of shared risks-and-responsibilities wherein we work in BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)/BO/BT models, helps our customers get visibility on project executions and enables them for need-based incremental scale-ups. We have developed (pre-built) domain-agnostic ready-to-use modules, that we call digital bridges. These digital bridges allow our customers to launch their services faster, and at low costs. With us, an enterprise will never run out of technology options, as we bring a full range of tech expertise from on-premise, to SaaS, to Web 3.0.

Services and USP of VTO

In the current software development models, where “the customer carries all the risks”, OpenTurf is a pioneer of the VTO strategy. The concept is popular among businesses across the spectrum of product development, morphing legacy systems to microservices architectures, lowering cloud expenses, and enabling intricate third-party integrations thanks to its highly customisable and best-fit VTO approach.

In a nutshell, our USP is to offer substantial time, resource and economic savings when it comes to driving transformation from conventional business practices to integrating technology stacks.

What is VTO, how is it different from a usual IT Services company?

The notion of a VTO involves the deployment of a committed and knowledgeable workforce to streamline complicated technological requirements and provide superior end-user experiences that are in line with an enterprise’s business objectives. The VTO team functions as the extended execution arm of any enterprise’s CTO / Product Head. The team takes a consultative approach in identifying best-fit tech stacks and follows an agile delivery approach to enable experiments and scale-up just-in-time; provides better control over projects through transparent project management practices. VTO has a flexible engagement model as opposed to the traditional time-and-material approaches used by IT services companies. A VTO model is by nature more suited to sharing software development risks with the customers. This concept lets organisations easily scale up and down in response to their business needs.

What domains are you focused on?

OpenTurf is renowned for its exceptional expertise in providing technology solutions that are independent of specific industries.

In line with our core capabilities, we develop SaaS/Web 3.0 platforms for enterprises engaged in financial technology, education, healthcare, retail, and consumer marketing industries, to name a few. In addition, in our performance engineering practice, we enable cloud native and cloud agnostic solutions for our clients to scale their applications without having to make significant changes to the underlying stack, leading to increased business productivity and success. Additionally, OpenTurf has the skills to complete projects that call for on-premise deployments.

In fact, OpenTurf could serve as a reliable tech partner for any enterprise, regardless of industry, that is looking for dependable tech consulting services, tech solutions, or enterprise-grade software development and/or enhancements.

What kind of technology do you work on?

Our primary area of expertise is providing solutions for machine learning (ML) and applied artificial intelligence (AI) in cognitive services, document processing, transcription processing, and visual search. We are also proud of our skills in developing platforms based on microservices architecture and accomplishing complex third-party integrations. Our team has delivered projects successfully with quicker time-to-market thanks to our digital bridges. Moreover, we are our customers’ go-to partners for selecting the appropriate technologies for mission-critical applications.

What changes in dynamics have been noticed by you in the Indian market of Artificial learning and Machine learning?

It is interesting to see how enterprises from a variety of industries are recognising the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It is encouraging for the IT sector and, by extension, the entire ecosystem of cutting-edge technologies. However, before we begin to fully realise the potential of these much-needed technologies, there are a few significant obstacles that must be addressed. Enterprises must choose specific use cases where business outcomes must be clearly stated. The absence of trustworthy and reliable data relating to use cases has since been a significant hurdle for the sector. The majority of the data now available is compartmentalised throughout the organisation, which limits its capacity to give a comprehensive picture to the stakeholders.

Having said that, we are beginning to notice advancements in how enterprises are learning to leverage AI and ML technologies, and as the data becomes more comprehensive, the use cases for AI and ML will start to produce meaningful results in the near future.

Q. What kind of expansion do you anticipate in the coming years?

A. We have complete faith in the possibilities of the gig economy since the future belongs to cutting-edge innovations that could provide better value and client experiences. Companies are more likely to stick with partners who are very agile and provide them more freedom to adapt to the always changing needs of their clients. At OpenTurf, we are in a good position to satisfy these industry needs since we can digitize our clients’ businesses.

We take pride in the fact that a large portion of our recurring business (more than 90%) and referrals (more than 80%) fuel our expansion. This demonstrates the extreme degree of client centricity that underpins our expertise, work ethics and culture. We have been able to prosper in times when the industry is crying out for the availability of top-notch resources thanks to our focus on hybrid work cultures.

Can you tell us about your future plans for growth? Do you intend to broaden your current service offering?

In the forthcoming twelve months, we intend to concentrate on the following areas: a) Investing in building digital bridges; b) Investing in people development; c) Opening satellite offices in towns; and d) Forming connections with higher educational institutions for programmes that will prepare graduating students for the workforce. On each of these fronts, we have already started actioning, and we anticipate to gain further momentum in the upcoming quarters.

Furthermore, while maintaining our focus on our current clients and delivering more creative solutions for them during this fiscal year, we also hope to expand into new regions and countries.

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