Two ways to play ‘Pokémon GO’ without moving an inch

Has Pokémon GO taken over your lives? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The video game has become an instant hit since its launch and has taken over the lives of gamers like never before. But, this particular video game is different. Instead of glueing its gamers to their couches and gaming consoles, the Pokémon GO actually forces its players to get out in the open and play.

Confused? Well, the Pokémon GO game is tied to GPS and real-life locations, that means its players have to go outside to catch all the Pokémons, earn experience points, and check in at different Pokéstops.

But, what happens when you’re not in position to leave your current location and go outside to play- maybe it’s raining cats and dogs outside or you’re stuck at work due to a late meeting- don’t you worry, where there’s a will to play there’s a way.

Here’s the first way you can play Pokémon GO while staying at one place. One needs make use of the incense that one gets at Pokéstops, in the store, or when one goes up the levels. The players will be able to find their incense in their items bag, which they can see when they tap the Pokéball at the bottom of their screens.

Once the incense is clicked by the player, a 30-minute countdown will is started in the top right of the screen. Then, a circulating pink cloud will appear around the user’s avatar.

With the user having the incense, Pokémon gets attract to attracted to the user (and only that particular user) in the game, making the process of capturing them a much raiser task.
The second way through which you can play the much-famous video game without leaving ones place is by inserting a a lure module into a nearby Pokéstop. A user can gain access to the lures by buying them in the store, levelling up, or checking in at Pokéstops.

The only downside of using both these ways is, that they run for just half an hour, thus providing the user with only 30 minutes of Pokémon catching fun.


Written by Kirti Sharma

A technology and Bollywood junkie, she is always ready with her iPhone to jot down her ideas wherever and whenever she can. Have something to share? Shoot an email to her at [email protected]

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