Pokemon Company developing sleep-based gaming app

The Pokemon Company revealed that it was developing “Pokemon Sleep”, an application that tracks the user sleep and turns it into the gameplay and plans to launch by the end of next year.

“We want to turn sleep into entertainment,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of the Pokemon Company, which was set up with investment from gaming firms Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures.

At the time of same news conference in the Tokyo, Nintendo revealed that it was developing a successor to the Pokemon Go Plus device, which allows the users to catch the Pokemon without taking out their smartphones that can track the sleep.

Pokemon, with its business spanning videos games to movies to cuddly toys, is a homegrown grown Japanese contender for a popular culture empire like a Disney.

in the more than 20 years since the first two titles launched in the year 1996 with the name as Nintendo Game Boy, the pokemon game series has sold more than 300 million units across the globe.

Augmented Reality smartphone game “Pokemon GO”, developed by the San Francisco based Niantic, became a worldwide phenomenon after its launch in the market in 2016 as players spilled out from living rooms into the streets to hunt for the Pokemon.


Written by Udit Agarwal

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