Pokémon Radar will help you find Pokémon faster


Until and unless you’re living under a rock, I’m quite sure that you know a thing or two about the game that is currently on the minds of, well, almost everyone- Pokémon Go. The game which has taken over Tinder and Twitter in the terms of number of active users is really huge, and has successfully dethroned Candy Crush as the most loved mobile game by the masses.

So, now the question that lies before us, is now which game has the capability to beat Pokémon Go and claim the numero uno position? Well, the app in contest to beat the world’s current heartthrob is another Pokémon based app. Called “Poké Radar”, this new iPhone app on the block has already acquired the second position in Apple’s App Store by Monday (18/07/2016).

Now the question remains, what is so special with the new app. Well, Poké Radar lets its users find the diverse Pokémons by the process of taking submissions of their locations from other players of the game.

The app functions in a very simple way. Once a user spots a Pokémon in or around their area, they can submit its location on the “Poké Radar” app and help other users know the location they need to go to in order to catch that particular Pokémon.

But, there are a few hiccups, of course. Niantic, the company behind making Pokémon Go has no relation with Pokémon Radar whatsoever. Further, there is always a possibility of people lying about the locations they found a particular Pokémon. And, on the top it, there is no actual guarantee that the other players will again find the Pokémon at the same place as you found it.

So, people playing Pokémon Go, we think, Pokémon Radar is totally worth a try. No harm. No pain. Only possibility is you uping your game.




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