Pomelo Pioneers ‘Send Now, Pay Later’ Concept with $35M Series A

By Sunil Sonkar
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Pomelo Pioneers 'Send Now, Pay Later' Concept with $35M Series A 1

Pomelo is a well-known startup that merges international money transfer with credit and lately it has been in news for securing a funding of $35 million in a Series A round that was led by Dubai-based venture firm Vy Capital. The fresh funding will help the company in taking a leap and broadening its scope within the financial services sector. Apart from Vy Capital, the other noteworthy backers include Founders Fund, A* Capital and early investor Afore Capital. All these underline its confidence in its innovative approach to remittance transfer.


The core concept of Pomelo is its “send now, pay later” (SNPL) model and it seamlessly integrate credit card infrastructure to facilitate rapid as well as fee-free cross-border money transfer. It has a strategic partnership with Mastercard and has carved out a niche in the remittance market. It provides user with a streamlined platform to send funds to their loved ones even as a credit. The distinctive proposition offers convenience and also empowers individuals to access instant funds. It fortifies against fraud and augments their credit history. The startup has plans to expand in Mexico.

The fresh funding of $35 million in Series A funding is a testament to the company’s potential to disrupt the financial landscape as it has innovative approach to blend money transfer and credit services. Pomelo is seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for seamless and cost-effective cross-border payments solutions. It now has a support of some leading venture firms and simultaneously a proven track record of success. With all these, the startup is well-positioned to redefine the remittance industry and empower individuals to manage their finances more efficiently.

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