Power grid cyber security tool uses machine learning and sensors to detect threats

Power grid cyber security tool uses machine learning and sensors to detect threats

The modern sensor technology and the machine learning help in detecting potential cyber physical attacks on the power distribution networks. In today’s world, power losing is of the most annoying things. We rely on electricity so much. Even the power distribution gets disconnected for few minutes it affects us badly. The power companies are opting for a technology known as the Smart Grid. The Smart Grid is an efficient and highly reliable distribution structure. The Smart Grid helps in restoring the electricity much quickly after any sort of disturbances. It also reduces the electricity rates in the peak demand hours. It is low cost power consumption technology for the consumers.

According to Kathy Kincade in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to deliver a safe and reliable operation, the power distribution was developed. The grid is highly reliable and modernized also. It also prevents any kind of cyber attacks via IP networks.

A group of researchers who were led by Sean Peisert including Ciaran Roberts (Berkeley Labs), Anna Scaglione (Arizona State University), Alex Mceachern (Power Standards Lab), and Emma Stewart (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) have recently worked on the project. This project included the methodology of cyber security, machine learning algorithms, and the power system sensors also. The team is now studying to study the cyber physical attacks on the power distribution networks. They have combined data SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) information’s.

The main idea is to study the physical attitude of the components within the electrical grids. It is highly essential to study the data as without any time the power distribution can be attacked. The power distribution companies not only faces the huge loses but other company’s works also gets disrupted. It is a cycle zone where the companies get trapped. Not only a business hour gets interrupted but they also get a backlog. It is wisely to be prepared to protect your business from all these. Never can you think that your business can run without power. Continuous demand of power in today’s world is largely increasing.

A working prototype

In the Berkeley campus, they have their own power distribution substation. This allows them to test and monitor their frameworks. The applications which are studied are highlighted below:

  • Enhanced visibility and the state estimation.
  • Distributed generation and the characterization of the loads.
  • The micro grids synchronization
  • The power distribution cyber security also.
  • The diagnosis of FIDVR or oscillations

The cyber attacks are now of the hot topics in today’s world. It is becoming a mainstream topic. Billions of dollars are lost for the cyber attacks. Companies are putting huge efforts to stop cyber attacks. Not only the workspaces are becoming more secure but the employees are also getting trained on the prevention of cybercrimes. Cybercrimes can be done by any human. It is not always necessary that the data needs to be stored in a physical device like a laptop or a pen drive. The data can be stored in our human minds. It is necessary to learn how to prevent crime.

Crime can be done or it can be a threat at any time. It can be a form of phising or any fraud emails also. The junk emails keeps on attacking the data. So before accepting any such data or emails check the sender details. If you think it is out of the organization and it can pose a threat then report it immediately. The data can be of the clients or your company’s data. If it is attacked, then many will be affected. So always judge and keep your devices clean. It is now necessary to develop these devices to protect from cyber threats.


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