Powerful Tactics To Improve Your International eCommerce Sales

Powerful Tactics To Improve Your International eCommerce Sales 1

Websites like Shopify make it simple for people to start their eCommerce business, so the competition is fierce. To put yourself above competitors, you’ll need to implement powerful tactics that will improve sales. Today, we’ll dive into what you can change right now to give yourself the best chance of success.

Know your market

Every country and region has its preferences in terms of what consumers want. For example, a website design that works in the US may prove difficult for the Japan online marketplace. To be successful in the international scene, you’ll need to adjust your webpage to fit the country. The changes needed might include translating the site or completely redesigning the landing page.

Customer testimonials

What customers think and write about the brand can impact sales significantly. Fortunately, you can contact happy customers to leave a testimonial. This will provide trustworthiness because potential buyers will see the emotions of previous consumers. People have an eye for detecting fake feelings and paid reviews. A genuine video left by a customer can show other people why your product is better than alternatives. Written reviews under the sales page can help to complete the sale. Consider implementing a service like Trustpilot so that customers know the reviews are legitimate.


It’s important to provide a sense of urgency to persuade potential customers to buy. Consumers respond positively to incentives, which can increase sales dramatically. Implementing time-sensitive special offers or limited edition products will deliver a sense of urgency.

However, if you can’t provide a limited edition product, there are many alternatives. For example, limited-time free shipping or extended warranty. Popups of real-time sales can show how well the brand is doing, and attaching the stock number can increase a sense of urgency. Brands like Shopify have specific apps that do just this. Even if you don’t make sales, customers will still see popups.

Bulletproof money-back guarantee

Often a consumer will leave a website due to the risk involved in making a purchase. Put yourself in the mindset of a customer and look at your products. What if they receive a faulty unit or are not happy with the product? The less risk you provide to the consumer, the better chance they’ll have of a happy transaction. Money-back guarantees are an excellent way of giving customers peace of mind when buying.

Perfect ads

Most eCommerce brands focus on Facebook and Instagram ads because they work so well. A perfected ad can provide returns of 300%. Set a budget and strategy for advertisements and don’t divert. There’s a lot of trial and error before a brand finds the perfect set of variants that bring in high returns.

A great strategy is to begin with a minimum of 5 adverts on both platforms. Then, make minor changes in each advert such as age group, location, and hobbies. After a few weeks, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision on what works. Also, install a cookie on your website that will track your customers to Facebook, which will then show them your ads.

Smooth checkout process

The abandonment rate for online retailers varies between 60-80%. You need to figure out how much of that was due to a confusing checkout process. Reducing the number of required boxes to fill and pages to go through will provide a smoother experience for the consumer. The first step is to eliminate any unnecessary steps in the checkout pages.

Furthermore, have a guest checkout since some customers won’t want to spend time creating an account. Also, verifying the account via email adds another unnecessary step, leading to an abandoned cart. The benefit of a guest checkout is you still get an email where you can send promotional content.

Invest in quality images

Given how important appearance is in everyday life, products are no different. Going to a site with handmade photos from a smartphone can make the brand look low-quality.  Therefore, investing in product photography will improve how customers perceive your brand and products. Regardless of what you sell, high-quality images are a necessity.

It may seem overkill to spend thousands on premium images, but it can benefit the business in the long run. Also, make sure to include all types of shots from close-up to wide-angle.

Powerful Tactics To Improve Your International eCommerce Sales 2

Final thoughts

Setting up your eCommerce business for international growth is super important to make the most sales. Investing in powerful tactics to persuade customers to complete a purchase can provide extra income that would improve your brand. Not implementing these tactics is leaving money on the table.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using these powerful solutions to boost sales and expand your brand. Apply these strategies now to gain a competitive edge against other eCommerce brands.

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