PowerSportz Partners with AP to promote CBN Vision

PowerSportz Partners with AP to promote CBN Vision 1

Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-chief Power Sportz ,advices AP State Government How they can help promote the vision of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister 

Kanthi was amongst the distinguished luminaries and senior bureaucrats of Andhra Pradesh, at the event held at VigyanBhawan. The event was held to discuss why the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh has all the makings and seems poised to become the sports capital of India.

Standing at the podium, Kanthipersonified poise, grace, strength, beauty, and confidence. She began by saying that she has a special place in her heart for Andhra Pradesh since she spent her childhood in Hyderabad. Kanthi went on to talk about how success breeds success – and in the context, she was referring to the fact that any state, which earned Olympic medals for the country, automatically elevates its status and becomes a contender for the top spot and leadership position in the country.

She referred to games such as hockey, cricket, boxing, wrestling and badminton – all having a common thread in so much as having won several gold medals for the country. Any sport that is able to win top honors, it is very soon able to capture the fancy and interest of people across the country.

Kanthi mentioned that based on the current ‘medal tally’ at the Olympics, Haryana would be the sports capital of the country. This is so because it seems to have made the right choices – capitalizing on the resources they currently have – the people, their build, the diet and the geographical location – enabling them to attain consistent success

PowerSportz Partners with AP to promote CBN Vision 2

Going back to the subject of Andhra Pradesh possibly becoming the sports capital of the country, Kanthi vociferously said that the state was at a stage of a fresh beginning. The state is at a point where it can choose any direction in sports it wishes to take, and make informed and better choices.

In conclusion, Kanthi said that PowerSportz being the only ‘pure’ sports distribution channel, would be the ideal partner given that the channel has:

  • 12 million views in just 4 months
  • Daily traffic of 2- 3lac users
  • The viewership is from across the country

Power Sportz TV would be proud and honored to become the partner for Andhra Pradesh in its quest to becoming the sports capital, and Kanthi re-emphasized the fact that PowerSportz would be the ‘ideal choice’. The channel being the communication partner would help the state to reach out to the entire country, attract the crème of talent, draw in world class coaches, the best doctors in the realm of sports medicine, and the best of everything required in the realm of sports.

Kanthi’s controlled yet passionate style of reporting is not by chance – this heady mix courses through her blood. She is a close relative and the only capable successor to the Late Ms. Jayalalitha, the dynamic and enigmatic ex-CM of Tamil Nadu.  The late CM, had inspired a cult following in her state, and her adoring followers often called her “Adiparashakti” – which means the ultimate powerful goddess in Tamil.

The late Ms. Jayalalitha was one of India’s most charismatic and enigmatic personalities, single-handedly holding her own in the masculine world of Tamil politics and effectively breaking a more than 30-year-old culture of male dominance.

She successfully built up a near-indelible personality cult through welfare schemes – and the inexpensive food and water products provided to the poor, gave her the name “Amma” or mother. The party she led is one of the oldest regional parties in India, and it is in shambles now post her death. Kanthi may soon need to turn her attention to Tamil Nadu and maybe take over the reins!

Kanthi makes for a great leader – both in the world of reporting and politics. Her special trait – charisma! She is able to draw people in – the viewership numbers of her program-Talking Turkey, corroborate this fact. This trait alone is powerful and will be the one that takes Kanthi to the pinnacles of success in both worlds!

Its time for her now to focus on Tamil Nadu!

Written by Manpreet

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