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Precise, Accurate, and Reliable Hiring Solutions - Mancer Consulting 1

How is Mancer Consulting employing professionals for leadership roles and conducting executive and specialised strategies?


Mancer Consulting excels in employing professionals for leadership roles through a combination of exceptional networking capabilities and extensive hiring experience. The company leverages domain consultants working in Centre of Excellence modules to offer precise, accurate, and reliable hiring solutions.

Our approach includes career progression analytics, enabling clients to track the career aspirations of new hires and align them with the growth objectives, market expansion, and profitability goals of the organisations. This specific strategy ensures the selection of executives who are the Right fit for the clients’ vision and culture.

What funding and expansion ambitions do you have for your brand?

Mancer Consulting is a completely bootstrapped venture, remaining financially self-sufficient over its impressive 25-year journey. The company is focused on expanding its presence in India, with teams actively exploring opportunities to establish offices across the country.

Additionally, Mancer is strategically eyeing selected foreign markets such as Africa, Singapore, and the Philippines, recognizing these territories as offering attractive growth and expansion prospects. The expansion plans also involve diversifying its operations across various business verticals by adding more industries and specific business solutions to its service portfolio.

What goals does Mancer Consulting use to differentiate itself in the market?

Mancer Consulting employs a multi-pronged strategy to differentiate itself in the market. The company offers distinctively superior talent solutions through its Centers of Excellence, providing domain-specific solutions.

Moreover, Mancer leads the diversity hiring space with its Equiv platform, dedicated to hiring women, LGBTQ, specially-abled, and veteran communities. The company’s focus on providing customised services aligned with the specific needs of clients, whether in digitally-driven talent acquisition, diversity promotion, or competitiveness enhancement, sets it apart from other players in the market.

What services does the business offer to aid in its expansion?

Mancer Consulting offers a comprehensive range of talent acquisition services to support its expansion plans. These services include executive and contingent search, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and talent insights. The company’s domain expertise across various industrial sectors and hierarchical levels stands out as one of its key strengths.

Additionally, Mancer supports clients aiming to increase diversity through its Equiv platform, specifically designed to promote diversity in the hiring process across different industrial sectors.

What issue does the industry face, and how is management attempting to resolve it?

The recruitment consulting sector in India faces the critical issue of being unregulated, with no mandatory licensing requirements. This lack of regulation, coupled with standardised solutions offered by many recruitment agencies, has adversely impacted the quality of recruitment solutions.

Mancer Consulting addresses this issue by providing best-in-class, customised recruitment solutions. The company’s commitment to offering tailored solutions aligning with the specific needs and requirements of clients has contributed to the growth and development of its clients globally.

What are your expectations from the upcoming budget in the HR industry?

Expectations from the upcoming budget in the HR industry include a strong emphasis on fueling workforce skills through a national reskilling and upskilling initiative. Closing the skills gap and preparing workers for the jobs of tomorrow is seen as a vital investment in human capital, with the potential to drive future economic growth.

Additionally, there is a call for incentivizing employee-centric companies through tax breaks for investments in employee well-being. This ranges from mental health support to child care assistance, recognizing the positive impact of happy and healthy employees on productivity, which, in turn, benefits both bottom lines and national output.

Another key expectation is the streamlining of immigration processes for skilled professionals to attract global talent. Recognizing the need for diverse minds and fresh perspectives to fuel innovation and enhance global competitiveness, this move is seen as essential for the nation’s continued growth.

The overarching goal is to shape a budget that prioritises investing in people, skills, and the future, ultimately fostering a talent-driven economy where everyone stands to benefit.

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