Predictions for Cloud Computing and Machine Learning In 2017

Predictions for Cloud Computing and Machine Learning In 2017

2017 is a year of potential and surely, a lot is going to change around the world in many different fields. Such predictions have been made in the world of cloud computing too as it is marked as the breakthrough year for cloud technology. Surely, it has been creating some buzz and companies have been adopting it left, right and center last year, but experts predict 2017 to be the year when cloud will actually come of age to prove its worth. There are some events that indicate the possible direction, but a more detailed introspection is required.

Everyone moving to cloud

The world’s biggest names are moving into cloud and it became even clear when Oracle acquired NetSuite, a renowned company for cloud applications. It is without question that Oracle itself is trying to fit into the cloud paradigm desperately and this is a move in that direction only. Initially, the skepticism regarding security often held companies back but now, they have realized that cloud provides insanely cheap data storage service at an extremely flexible manner. It is this feature that has come to the forefront rather than the security concerns.Predictions for Cloud Computing and Machine Learning In 2017

Cloud is evolving

While security was a concern, the recent contributions of names such as Amazon Web Services and Salesforce have surely changed the idea and the risk associated with cloud. They have been working in close association with cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. In fact, the massive amount of data that is required to analyze for the best machine learning systems to perform artificial intelligence research more effectively. In fact, big players like Microsoft are growing their cloud sector so rapidly that all these names are virtually competing with each other to take hold the cloud market.

Pay and get the best out of it

Cloud services have diverged into the two different directions and each has its own set of customers. Hence, while cloud products are concerned about providing direct services, some companies are working tirelessly to retain the infrastructure. However, there is cost incurred in this huge project and hence, apps will start asking for payment very soon. It is only better to ask for a small sum of money rather than giving things for free. Everyone knows that free services are never the best services and when it comes to cloud, no one expects less than the best.

How active is your software?

Software is being produced like mushrooms around the world and hence, few of them are active regularly. There are some software that you need to use but only occasionally while some of them are used daily. However, each software has its own importance and hence, the price must be decided on the basis of value derived from the software. If your software is cutting edge, necessary and active, you are surely going to be rolling on money in 2017. Cloud is calling for an IT overhaul and is going to revolutionize the industry from within like no other technology.


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