How Presidential Candidates helped me earn Facebook likes is AMAZING!

Presidential Candidates helped me earn Facebook likes

Earning Facebook likes and reaching more peoples’ newsfeed is a challenge that is faced by most administrators of the Facebook pages. You have to make sure that you post relevant and contemporary subjects and add a bit of humour in it to make it widespread. If your page always posts contemporary issues and remains in the news, then you will see that the numbers of likes and shares are increasing organically and you need no separate promotional method. Getting that done is extremely crucial and if it is something that has got the whole world reeling, then you need to devise a plan to make your post noticeable or it will be lost in the tide of thousands of posts that are being made from hundreds of similar pages. However, the most effective in this case would be something that is immediately attractive and would surely reflect the trend or scenario easily.

The obvious bait

In the current context, presidential debate is surely going to catch a lot of fish. Now, if you have decided to use it, posting controversial articles and offensive jokes will help you gain one kind of support. But, if you want a greater fan-base, then you will have to go for a more effective method that diverts all the likes towards you. The most effective measure would be to somehow show the prediction of the result by some viable method. Facebook is not just a social media platform, it is also one of the largest sources of news and people do log into Facebook to get a quick glance of the news. Although Facebook voting is not the original voting method, but it surely gives a hint of the trend since a large section of population does exist on Facebook.

Earning Facebook likes


Method of approach

Rather than using a post where you simply use two different gestures for the two different candidates, i.e. , like/comment, like/love etc. you can use live streaming of the likes and love that come in. All you need to is to create a live video that is simply an MP4 format video. Now, live videos are definitely trending and they need to be immediately impactful to have a hold on the viewers. In this case, you create a program by writing a very simple code that counts the numbers of likes and loves and keeps reflecting that in the API.

Why is it a guaranteed success?

The very nature of election excites everyone because you want to know who would win in the end. While there are thousands of exit polls happening for this purpose, there is little doubt that these exit polls are never revealed. However, since this video is live and the counter is increasing in front of your eyes, it is considered a credible source. So, people will check the counter from time to time and surely like you page. Invite them to like your page so that they remain updated regarding the voting process. Keep it simple with the two candidates’ pictures with a symbol of USA so that one immediately gets the feel of what is going on. Bear in mind that you need to make the video public to get the widest possible reach. Else, it will only be visible to your current followers and have no impact whatsoever.


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