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Synersoft Technologies Private Limited is a portfolio company of CIIE at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. It was founded by Vishal Shah, a serial entrepreneur and technocrat, and Sudhir Chaubey, a seasoned sales and marketing professional, in 2008. Under their able leadership, Synersoft has earned the following recognitions.

  • Gold Medalist in Indian Innovates Growth Program organized by FICCI, Department of Science and Technology – GOI, Indo US Science and Technology Forum, University of Texas, Austin
  • Recipient of TechXchange 2019 Innovation Driven Scale Up Cohort, UK organized by FICCI, High Commission of India UK, Government of India
  • Recognized as 10 most recommended Infrastructure Managed Service Providers 2019 by CIO Inside
  • Awardee of Top 50 Super Tech Brands 2021 by The Leaders’ Globe
  • Listed in Elite League of Innovators 2021 by Business Sight
  • Listed as 2020 the Best Companies to Work For
  • Listed as 20 Fastest Growing Companies by The CEO
  • Recipient of Top 100 SMEs of India 2022

With what mission or purpose the Synersoft was launched?

In 2008, the founders of Synersoft started up with a vision that Indian enterprises would require formidable Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft Prevention Solutions to protect their IPR, business secrets, cost sheets, documents, designs, and drawings, which are in digital format. It is how the brand BLACKbox was conceptualized to help Indian enterprises to standardize their IT setup to achieve Data Loss, Leakage and Theft prevention. Our company is committed to MSMEs in their pursuit of achieving the prevention of Data Loss, Leakage and Theft.

Services and USP of Synersoft?

Synersoft Technologies Private Limited is a maker of technology branded as BLACKbox. Under the Make in India initiative, it is an indigenous technology developed by an Indian company for Indian Business Enterprises.

Synersoft helps thousands of enterprise users maintain business continuity by preventing data loss from accidental deletion, intentional deletion, ransomware attacks and disasters. We help thousands of enterprise users to avoid competitive exploitation due to data leakage or theft over USB, by emails, by blind carbon copy and over the Internet. We help our MSME customers to focus on their core business and let IT matters to us.

Synersoft Technologies Private Limited owns the technology and brand known as BLACKbox. BLACKbox is a disruptive solution designed explicitly for Indian Small and Medium Enterprises to prevent Data Loss, Leakage and Theft. Thousands of Indian SME users adopt BLACKbox to achieve business continuity and avoid competitive exploitation due to Data Loss, Leakage and Theft. Synersoft has a presence in most industrial pockets of India, where MSMEs are heavily concentrated.

How Synersoft Solutions, based in Ahmedabad, helps SMEs stop data loss, theft, and leakage

BLACKbox is a famous brand among industries and businesses in India as a cost-effective, simple, and fit-to-purpose AI-enabled product. BLACKbox serves as a centre of data with protection against accidental or intentional deletion of data, a ransomware recovery solution, and off premise disaster response facility. It also serves as an effective tool to prevent data theft through USB ports, Email Attachments, and Internet Cloud Storage drives. With thousands of installations, BLACKbox proves to be the best available indigenously developed solution. BLACKbox is also known as IT in a box which serves as a single hardware/software system but serves the purpose of multiple hardware/software solutions like files server, firewall, mail server, domain controller, backup system, disaster recovery, cloud storage, endpoint security, VPN server, and storage system.

What is the edge that Synersoft has over other IT players in the industry?

We design, develop, sell, implement and support products which are Simple, Effective, Affordable, Dependable, and Scalable. That is what differentiates us from our competitors. BLACKbox is the only brand which has incorporated design thinking from a Data Owner’s perspective, unlike other brands with a Data Manager’s perspective. BLACKbox is a cutting-edge solution which runs multiple functions in single hardware, unlike other brands requiring multiple hardware to run multiple functions of Data Loss, Leakage and Theft Prevention Solutions. BLACKbox runs many proprietary features like Autocratic Centralization, Vault-Workspace, Happy Hours, Screen-Captures, On-the-Fly-VPN, Email Shadowing, BCC-Intercept, and USB Usage Reporting, which are missing in other brands. BLACKbox is a single brand covering all possible devices like laptops, desktops, mobile, and tablets, while there are specific brands for specific types of devices.

Future Plans

We have recently launched cloud services for MSMEs to standardize their IT and prevent data loss, leakage and theft. We are in the process of investing in data centre infrastructure to offer affordable cloud services to MSMEs. We have conceptualized a single agent – a single cloud service that requires the installation of a single agent instead of multiple agents and serves as holistic cloud storage for a file, email, and application data. We have recently launched BLACKbox AAA (Access Applications Anywhere), a cost-effective and secured application virtualization software to help enterprises access their ERP applications remotely to work from home users.

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