Primary concern’s to be resolved for IOT Growth


Nowadays farmers are facing so many problems and troubles for example the demand for raw food material at global level is increasing, the weather changing which is affecting the crops, lack of water supply to plants, bare land is not there for farming and fossil fuel which are required to run farming equipment. Even after these drawbacks,  Internet of Things (IoT) is working hard to enable the digital modification. Internet of Things is helping to get rigid of issues like cybersecurity and accounts on the other hand the main reason of concern is in the field of agribusiness, said GobalData major data and analytics company.

The company GobalData has revealed many aspects in there survey of 2017 on the Internet of Things which states about smart farming and digitalization. IoT is doing tremendous positive work for high level of crop control, collecting related data, and lots of automatic farming techniques. The data is being handed by using  IoT for farming and food chain. Framing machinery is now making large entry of framing points and hackers are trying to get benefit from it, failing eventually and leaving.

As the result new members are more concerned about the data ownership,  privacy and security, these are the main reason for the lack of confidence of customers. This was revealed in the report by saying that around 26% of agribusiness person concerns more about resolving security.

Alok Singh the senior analyst at GlobalData stated ” Internet of Things has been a gatekeeper Fir watching all the negative activities happen during data collection it has opened all sort of cybersecurity ways to get proper benefit, with more intricate and sprawling connections between elements. Not all elements represent the chance of misuse but as technology and deployment changes, each element will get the threats of collapsing the ecosystem. ”

The report had many things to reveal and most imperative among them is point of cost and return of investment (ROI)  another vital challenge, about 16% of members doesn’t know about the cost and return of investment.

Alok Singh also adds that ” Internet of Things is growing so fast in agriculture field so there should be maintained proper cybersecurity to cause less case of suffering. IoT has a mixture of complex security planning and implanted most of the activities in their structural format.

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