Product launches to automate growth in home automation industry

Product launches to automate growth in home automation industry 1

Manufacturers have been outpouring their efforts in offering new products for home automation. From sensors to sirens, the trend of innovation has taken place in the industry and manufacturers have put their best foot forward for providing products that would be preferred by manufacturers. New players have been putting thier foot in the industry and offering products at affordable rates. Moreover, new prototypes have been launched with the help of new technologies. The market for home automation is booming with ongoing research and development activities and the launch of new products. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global home automation market would reach $81.64 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 11.2% from 2017 to 2023. Following are some of the activities taking place in the industry:

Home automation at affordable prices:

Though home automation has not become mainstream yet in India, there is an emerging market and demand for affordable systems. Understanding this need, Pranjal Kacholia, a third-year chemical engineering student at IIT-Delhi, developed an affordable and innovative low-cost system for smart homes. At IIT-Delhi, he formed a team of engineers and developed a system far superior and affordable as compared to what is available in the market. The market players active in the industry source the components from foreign players and modify the wiring system to install switchboards. However, installing Eden Smart Home products would enable owners control over electrical appliances with the help of a smartphone app. They install products without changing the current wiring system. The products can be installed by any electrician by reading an instruction manual.

This system also ensures that failure of one module will not affect functioning of other appliances. The installation process takes only 15 minutes as hardware modules are connected to the Wi-Fi system of the home. Even if users forget to switch off the fan, they can do so remotely through an app. The app would display notifications whether electrical appliances are switched off or not in real time. Along with these features, it tracks power consumption, schedules on and off times, develops custom scenarios, and offers one-button control for the home. In addition, it adjusts on high-voltage fluctuations. According to Kacholia, its smart home system will cost only INR 90,000 for a 3BHK apartment, while other vendors quote in lakhs.

Arlo launches new product range:

The recently -turned public company Arlo has launched Arlo Security System at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. Along with Arlo SmartHub, the system will include Arlo Siren, Arlo Multi-Sensor, and Arlo Remote accompanied by the smartphone app. ArloRF is equipped with two-way RF technology that acts as a communication hub for the devices. This technology provides longer battery life and better coverage for long range. This enables hassle-free communication between Arlo devices and the SmartHub. According to the spokesperson of Arlo, this is the first time the company has used RF technology as a communication medium. The SmartHub for a new system is same as that used for Arlo Ultra 4K surveillance camera.

The security sensors and sirens for home automation offer multiple functions. It detects motion, doors & windows opening and closing, water leaks, alarms for smoke & carbon monoxide, and temperature changes. This device can be used for cross-triggering other devices. Its siren provides red strobe lights and outdoor ratings along with performing the function of annunciator. Moreover, the remote has two buttons that are customized with the help of an app.

Sensative displays prototype for home automation:

Some companies have launched their products for home automation, while some have devised a prototype and showcased at CES 2019. The Z-Wave sensor manufacturer Sensative displayed a prototype named Strips sensor. This is a flat device is equipped with 700-series chip inside and it will disappear on windows, doors, and other surfaces that are flat. This next generation chip series offers long battery life and long-distance range. The firm has offered doors & window sensors and leak & water detector. The company also provides the LoRa models with smart cities, hotels, and others in mind. LoRa has become a standard for Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) to enable long-distance IoT communications.

Amour 4.0 set to become an advanced home automation solution:

One of the leading firms in home automation EBTL has launched Amour 4.0, a mobile-assisted smart switching solution for homes. Designed with an aim to provide a modern house with smart and automated facilities, this system is supported by a smartphone app for making it technologically advanced and user-friendly.  Mr. Monish Salhotra, Co-Founder of EBTL stated during the release that the new product leverages the advanced technologies for making lives of people easier. The launch of new product will enhance its client base and offer an international presence. The advanced features and 5 years of assurance make the product standalone in the market. The company has been instrumental in offering cost-effective solutions for clients based on their requirements.

Written by Pratik Kirve

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