Protected Virtual World: Technologies That Guarantee Security in Online Payments

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Technology hasn’t been around for that long, making it incredible how reliant we are on it today, and how present it is in our lives. We often refer to our reality as ‘a digital world’, and this is very accurate. We search for information online, communicate with other, and make all kinds of online payments and transactions. Whether we buy in stores, gamble and withdraw at an online casino, or transfer funds among each other, technology has made it possible to process money instantly – and securely.


Security Starts with You

Online payments are an integral part of our lives today. They are highly convenient, but along with this convenience come some risks. We’ve heard of many examples of fraudulent transactions, hacked banking and personal details, and other forms of payment-related cybercrime. This is why it’s important to only make purchases on safe websites, especially when it comes to casinos. Online casinos offer the best bonuses around and, while bonuses can be truly tempting, it is the job of the player to discover best NZ casino bonuses on first deposit before they enter their card details – or any kind of personal information, for that matter. To keep yourself and your information safe, you should opt for a casino that is a combination of both – security and quality bonuses. Some good choices for New Zealand players today include:

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Just like you should keep your card numbers private and not share them with others, or hide your PIN when you use the ATM, you should make sure that the website where you send or withdraw money is secured. Some sites are much more secure than others.

Every year, technological experts come up with new ways to protect players and Internet users who make online transactions. While they take on most of the burden, it’s the responsibility of the player to protect himself, too, which starts with choosing trusted websites that have payment security measures in place. If you are looking for such websites, you can take a look at these casinos reviewed by the team at They are approved for quality and security, and offer an excellent payment range, welcoming players with diverse budgets. These particular websites are low deposit casinos, meaning that you can play there with minimal investment – and minimal risk, not to mention do so securely and by enjoying access to top casino games.

Which Technologies Guarantee Security?

It’s easy to say ‘choose secure websites’, but how exactly do you know if a website is secure to use?

For a website to be safe for the player and offer secure online payments, it needs to use one of the technologies that guarantee security. This is why, when casinos are being reviewed, experts look at information about anti-fraud systems, encryption, SSL, and other technologies.

Let’s take a look at the most popular technologies for online payment security.


Encryption includes the use of algorithms that will take your data and convert it into a coded message that only the target can understand. This way, when you enter your personal details such as your name and location, or enter your card numbers, or connect your electronic wallet to an online website, no one can steal that information on its way.

When used the right way, encryption can be the safest way to protect information. This is why experts search for digital certificates and SSL encryption. SSL encryption adds a new layer of security by encrypting data. Digital certificates prove the privacy and authentication between two communicating parties.


Tokenization works by replacing sensitive information such as your card numbers with a token or a code, ergo, the name. This method also denies the criminals access to your actual card numbers, and makes the process more private.

3.Two-Factor Authentication

You probably come across 2FA quite a lot – it’s used just about everywhere. Your bank probably uses it to confirm bigger transactions you make online. You probably need this to access some accounts, such as your email or your social media, especially when you do so from a new device.

Two-factor authentication has proven itself to be one of the best ways to secure people’s information. If this is added as a security measure on sites where you make online purchases i.e. you are required to use more than just a password, the site is much safer. This means that, even if someone goes through the first step (such as hack your password), they cannot access your data because you have yet another barrier in place (such as your phone number).

4.AI and ML

Today, some of the best ways to analyze payments in real time and avoid common scams is through artificial intelligence and machine learning. In most cases, casinos and other companies cannot go through every transaction or activity manually. Even if they find a scam, it’s often after it’s done its damage. Thanks to fraud prevention tools like AI and ML, this can be detected in real time – and avoided before it harms the customer or the company.

Wrapping Up

Being able to buy things on your phone or from the comfort of your home is one of the best things about technology. You can now buy products, but also services, and access many sites that require payment without having to commute to physical locations, like the case with casinos. As long as the website you are using has security measures in place and uses technologies like these, you can do so without any worries of your data being compromised.

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