How prototyping ensures a better start of app development process?

How prototyping ensures a better start of app development process? 1

Are you an app developing company? Has it ever happen to you that people don’t understand your app’s idea when you explain it to them? No doubt it is hard to convey your idea sometimes but it doesn’t mean you will never be able to. When an app developer wants to show their idea to others before even developing the app they create a prototype of the app.
How prototyping ensures a better start of app development process? 2

Prototypes are like samples of the actual product which shows how effective the product will be. Prototypes can give ideas of your app to your investors (who may or may not have a technical background). Prototyping is considered a vital part of the app development process because it is essential to understand the design of the website before you even start the development process. If you are an app developing company you have to know how prototyping works and what is its importance.

Importance of prototyping
Where codes are the base of any mobile app, prototyping is the base of the whole app design process. Prototyping is really helpful for the people who have a lack of back-end skills and zero technical backgrounds. Prototyping avoids any unwanted changes later in your designing and developing process hence proving it time-saving.

A prototype enables testing all key features and gives you an idea of how your app will look like. It will allow the observer to see the flow of your app and will help them determine the user experience and functionality of your app. If you start developing your application without making a prototype, it becomes really hard to introduce change in the later stages of development.

Benefits of Prototyping in app development process

There are many benefits of prototyping before the development process.

Instant feedback: Feedbacks are really important for making your application better. You can receive feedback based on the prototype that enables you to improve your application before even completing it.

Cost effective: You can save money if you build a prototype before the whole application. Building a prototype eliminates the risk of having to start all over again if you are met with a mistake hence, saving you a lot of money.

Prevent bugs: Many apps fail due to bugs in the application. Building a prototype will help you to find any missing pieces in the application hence ending the possibility of bugs in the app.

Moreover, prototypes help the developer to understand the user’s needs and improve the application where needed. It also helps the developer to estimate the time required to complete the application, total cost, requirements of talent and resources. Identifying the problem becomes easy and it can be sorted out early saving a lot of time and efforts if the prototype of the app is made. Building a prototype helps you to adapt your application according to customer demands and latest market trends.

Top tools for building a prototype

Balsamiq: Blasmiq is renowned for its robust wireframe designs but you can use a feature called “linking” to make mock-up apps or prototypes.

Justinmind: Justinmind is a great tool for developing prototypes. Justinmind also has unique simulations like gesture control, swipe, tap, and hold, etc.

Sketch: Sketch is a tool made just for testing UI. Empowered with great plugins and features Sketch is a really useful tool for UX/UI designers.

Invision: Invision is one of the most popular tools used for prototyping. One of the main advantages of Invision over other prototyping tool is its collaborating features.

Marvel: Marvel tool is easy to use for creating prototypes. You can use this tool for free for as many projects you want.

Major Mobile App Development companies in India, USA, UK, Australia and many other countries create a prototype for their app before constructing an application. The tools that are used to create a prototype is not at all complex. Prototypes certainly ensure a better start of app development process.

Written by Parth Patel

Mr. Parth Patel is a digital marketer and Mobile Technologies Expert having 7+ years of experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing and Mobile Technologies.He has published many blogs and articles on marketing, Mobile trends and latest tools and technology.

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