Pune Startup BiofuelCircle Spearheads Green Revolution in Manufacturing

By Sunil Sonkar
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Pune Startup BiofuelCircle Spearheads Green Revolution in Manufacturing

Imagine a startup in Pune that is doing something amazing. They have created an app where you can buy and sell something unique such as blocks made from leftover farm stuff like mustard husks, peanut shells and wood chips. These leftover things are usually just thrown away. However, not anymore.


Why is this important? Well, India wants to reduce the pollution it creates and use more clean energy by 2030. This startup, called BiofuelCircle, is helping with that.

These blocks, called briquettes, can be used instead of fossil fuels like coal or oil. Many small businesses in rural areas have been making them for a long time. But BiofuelCircle’s app connects these small businesses with big companies that need these briquettes. Those big companies make things like paint, tires, soda and medicine.

Right now, BiofuelCircle’s app has about 850 people selling these blocks and over 150 companies buying them. It is a big deal because almost every company wants to be cleaner and not add to pollution. Even a big company like Apple wants to be clean by 2030. And it all starts with using cleaner fuel, like these briquettes.

BiofuelCircle is making a real difference. Every year, India has a lot of leftover farm stuff, about 650 million to a billion tonnes. A lot of it just goes to waste, gets burned or rots. In places like Delhi, burning this stuff causes a big problem because it makes the air dirty. Around Delhi alone, 90 million tonnes of this waste pile up every year.

So, this startup is turning trash into treasure and helping the environment. They are helping India become cleaner and greener. It is a big step towards a better future.

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