Pune Startup BreathAI Introduces Wearable Device for Better Living

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Pune Startup BreathAI Introduces Wearable Device for Better Living

In Pune, BreathAI is getting ready to launch a new wearable device with a big goal and that is to make a million people healthier and happier by 2025.


At the core of BreathAI’s innovation is a ‘Made in Pune’ system designed to enhance overall well-being. The wearable device focuses on breath to give a clear picture of its strength, patterns as well as changes.

Founder Sanjay Phadke, a former banker and fintech practitioner, believes that the breath is a key element in driving a healthy heart, quality sleep and a happy life. Unlike traditional wearables focusing on metrics like heart rate, it zeroes in on breath rate as a critical health indicator.

While many wearables concentrate on physical fitness parameters, BreathAI distinguishes itself by incorporating a wellness component. The app linked to the device goes further than just tracking data. It gives personalized suggestions based on what users share in questionnaires. The suggestions also come with videos on mindfulness and fitness to help boost both body and mind.

BreathAI recognizes the global rise in stress-related illnesses and aims to address it. Stress quantification is often overlooked, with many people accepting stress as a norm without realizing its potential impact on health.

Supported by a grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2018-19, BreathAI has grown with support from friends, family and angel investors. Phadke mentioned that the company is committed for the long term, investing capital patiently to create meaningful change over time. As it gets more funding to expand, it is ready to blend science and spirituality to improve overall health and wellness.

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